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Comment by Mstyligth on 3478433676
Sunday, 09.24.2017 @ 15:40pm
He is a cheater and a lier
Goes by Tony or Robert
Not to be trusted truly a scammers
Comment by Raniaga on 3478433676
Sunday, 09.24.2017 @ 15:38pm
This guy is a scammer . Goes by tony or Robert . Don't trust him
Comment by Linda on 8006924168
Sunday, 09.24.2017 @ 15:26pm
They are scam. TechElite Technologies, Buffera Support, ELO Development, Repair Avenue, Fixit Fast Solutions (FFS) or whatever they all are the same and one. Tech Support Scam that cheated my grandmother. Scammers!
Comment by Mike on 0433411606
Sunday, 09.24.2017 @ 15:16pm
Great bloke and does great work refinishing classic cars. Would recommend to anyone wanting a good priced paint job in Brisbane
Comment by Iris on 6095281927
Sunday, 09.24.2017 @ 11:24am
This number calls every couple of days but never leaves a message. When I answer there's no reply
Comment by Caroline devine on 02871277474
Sunday, 09.24.2017 @ 08:08am
Number called said was national health service
Comment by mitu on 04466506400
Sunday, 09.24.2017 @ 06:11am
I got phone calls from this for several times in the last week and did not respond
Comment by dave on 5547421304
Saturday, 09.23.2017 @ 21:05pm
Getting calls from this number 5 times a day for over 2 weeks. I always tell them to never call again but they don't care.
Comment by Arnold on 7863585277
Saturday, 09.23.2017 @ 19:24pm
Phony investment call.
I don't know how they get my cell number.
Comment by JamesSon on 6267747613
Saturday, 09.23.2017 @ 18:03pm
Comment by Amanda on 8053104642
Saturday, 09.23.2017 @ 15:13pm
They called my mom and said that she was a winner of 20 million dollars but they wanted a 1% down of the 20 million at the lowest they would do was 200 they wanted to 200 at the lowest they would do was 200 they wanted to 200 up front and then you get the20 million
Comment by steve on 3232850216
Saturday, 09.23.2017 @ 15:13pm
Got a phone call saying to call that number within 2hours or I will have my bank account garnished ...I called and the man thought I was someone else at first when I gave him the claim number that was given to me....wanted my cell number and other things he got mad at hung up when I gave him a hard time he said he was from Robert and accociates in Los Angeles california I waited till after midnight called the number and the same gal that called me to call that number answered there was no recording from a law firm office...
Comment by John on 4409843173
Saturday, 09.23.2017 @ 14:30pm
Phone rang twice only. Name on caller ID was Jacquelyn Perez. Don't know anyone by that name.
Must be a telemarketer.
Comment by Betty on 8447403086
Saturday, 09.23.2017 @ 11:55am
calls all the name no message..don't answer plese stop them
Comment by Abc on 01412890825
Saturday, 09.23.2017 @ 11:34am
Serious scam accident helpline talking people into car accidents and claims
Arranging meetings with Thompson solicitors beware
Comment by Anita on 01792721170
Saturday, 09.23.2017 @ 10:57am
Called my mobile number to ask if my life insurance is with a certain company, when I answered in the negative he started asking me who it's with and other questions. When I asked him to remove my details from their database he hung up in the middle of my sentence. This is cold calling !
Comment by Busy mom on 8644123849
Saturday, 09.23.2017 @ 10:32am
Since it was a local number, I made the mistake of answering it. A recorded message immediately stated that the call was from (gave a name Billy or something) from the Greenville Correctional Facility. It asked me to press a number if I refused the call or another number to accept the call. I blocked the number on my phone and looked up information about this scam that apparently inmates use to get people to place calls for them and then rack up a bill on that person's phone account. Beware!
Comment by Rdub on 2148386158
Saturday, 09.23.2017 @ 09:09am
This number 6158 was too real and fun don't know whos hating on her but she's definitely cool and real
Comment by Christopher on 02073267481
Saturday, 09.23.2017 @ 08:10am
Didn't answer the call due to it's unusual number which looked expensive to call back and they didn't leave a message.My opinion...a scam ignore
Comment by JOE on 034616537170
Saturday, 09.23.2017 @ 05:19am
Comment by Unknown on 3239893394
Friday, 09.22.2017 @ 23:49pm
Stop pretending to be shemar Moore when you are not him
Comment by Andrea on 3025179397
Friday, 09.22.2017 @ 21:38pm
Sent a text saying my facebook password reset code was ******* and to click on link to reset password.
Comment by Susan on 9192751462
Friday, 09.22.2017 @ 18:54pm
They call back to back and leave no message. I yelled at them tonight to quit calling Will see if that wworked.
Comment by Brandi on 8128413461
Friday, 09.22.2017 @ 18:08pm
Text my phone asking me who I was when I didn't answer said that I called them and I never did. No idea who this is.
Comment by Mario on 3883071177
Friday, 09.22.2017 @ 17:46pm
Sei chiamate mute ricevute dalle 21 ale 23 del giorno 22 settembre 2017
Comment by T on 4409585673
Friday, 09.22.2017 @ 17:16pm
they left a message....female and said "call me when you get this" I don't know who it was, called back and it said the phone was disconnected???
Comment by Marie on 9174729672
Friday, 09.22.2017 @ 16:53pm NOT CALL them back. There is no National Credit that collects money for Federal Student Loans. If you have questions, call the phone number on your student loan bill and ask them if you are in default and if so, how much and what can be done about it. NEVER talk to any agency which is NOT the agency that you have your loan with. They do not hire outside help...they collect past due debt themselves. THIS IS A SCAM! Also, a legitimate agency is the one that you send you payments to and if you failed to make payments they have several ways of setting up a payment plan...and if you can't pay anything you can ask for a deferment form and can use your lack of income as a valid way to get into a plan where your payments are based on your income or lack of it. Don't worry about legal action...if you work with the loan company that you owe money to an arrangement of some kind can be paid. Ask them to mail you the options you have and discuss them with you. If you are unemployed you can fill out a form that allows you to postpone payment until you get a job.
Comment by Marie on 7072438583
Friday, 09.22.2017 @ 16:44pm
This phone number will go to a voice mail if you call back...with a recording of a man's voice claiming that he is from a solar company. He will change his phone number constantly and keep calling if you ask him to stop calling you. I believe that he is collecting phone numbers where people answer and selling the phone number list to other robo callers. It's a scam. He will never discuss solar with you or talk to you...all you will get is a recording claiming that he is from a solar company. I have blocked the entire area code....again. Most scams let the phone ring 3 times and then hang up. If they do that, I block them...including their entire area code. May he rot in prison.
Comment by lulu on 4102022970
Friday, 09.22.2017 @ 15:35pm
scammer pretending to be from Easter seals
Comment by DICK on 2037728334
Friday, 09.22.2017 @ 14:59pm
Comment by Don on 8024515207
Friday, 09.22.2017 @ 13:46pm
run for the phone no one there
this has got to stop..
Comment by Darren Stuart on 02032906010
Friday, 09.22.2017 @ 13:27pm
Girl with strong Delhi accent phones me saying she is calling from BT about some utter nonsense to do with foreign IP causing problems and wants me to do things on my computer to resolve issues, launch some software etc. Told her eat my chaddis and to clear off, not going to scam me, she screams it is not a scam as I hang up.
Comment by Mike on 8448663735
Friday, 09.22.2017 @ 13:26pm
I received the call and he asked for my wife but didn't seem to know she was married. (He asked for miss or ms.) The caller claimed to be from Express Scripts and said his name was Julius. My wife got on the phone and he started asking about her birth date and address, "just to verify their files". I suggested she hang up and call him back after I researched his number. My wife called Express Scripts at their customer service number, that we had in our file, and they verified that it is a legitimate call from their organization.
Comment by Costanza Piccolomini on 2026648999
Friday, 09.22.2017 @ 13:18pm
Called me at 6:00am. No message left. I called back and got recording "You have reached a non-working number..."
Comment by Anthony on 02080900271
Friday, 09.22.2017 @ 13:09pm
Call went to voicemail, caller not leave a message, heard someone typing. Called back, got mailbox, asking me to leave a message!
Comment by Maggie on 0017654323437
Friday, 09.22.2017 @ 12:59pm
Said they were BT and I had changed my password. They knew my email address. I hung up as I was suspicious.
Comment by Kristie on 5733093048
Friday, 09.22.2017 @ 12:54pm
The woman says she is calling for TMSDMC Insurance for employees. The call comes into our office phone, and the lady is rude because she will hang up on you abruptly if the person she is asking for is not here. When you call the number back, it tells you to go to if you no longer want to receive these calls, but them no website comes up and the domain search is private. Just block the number is my suggestion, that is what I do to telemarketers into our office. It most likely is just that, a telemarketing company, and ever since the no call list was instated, they get around it by private listing so you cannot get any information to report them.
Comment by Shawna on 5202101404
Friday, 09.22.2017 @ 12:51pm
Chris Mitchell Williams​ and Maria Luisa Lorefice, shady Craigslist backyard puppy dealers. They do anything for cash, not to be trusted.
Comment by Misery on 02032871898
Friday, 09.22.2017 @ 12:35pm
Caller asked only if I was happy, I told him to p*ss off and hung up.
Comment by Bill on 8443925144
Friday, 09.22.2017 @ 12:29pm
They stole over $200.00 from my checking account. Bank is investigating.
Comment by Yooperwoman on 2052541254
Friday, 09.22.2017 @ 12:25pm
I have been on the Do-Not-Call registry for years. I am now getting more junk calls than I ever have. I am royally sick of having my meals, my work, my sleep interrupted by robocalls. Time to allow a true Opt-out option that actually works. The technology is there, so we should be allowed to utilize it at no extra charge.
Comment by Bon on 8474952718
Friday, 09.22.2017 @ 12:20pm
This number calls my work Every Day. Never anyone on the line. When I try to call the number back it is a busy signal. Wish there was a way to block this number or get my work number off their call list.
Comment by Jackie on 5052162326
Friday, 09.22.2017 @ 12:13pm
The same things are happening to me on this same number. I am going to block it.
Comment by Mary on 034622518139
Friday, 09.22.2017 @ 12:01pm
Didn't recognise the number so waited for a voice mail message but they never left one- what country does 0346 originate from?
Comment by Cheryl on 2174029272
Friday, 09.22.2017 @ 11:50am
This number called my cell phone and I answered, there were a few seconds of dead air and then a hang up.
I called the number right back and it was a disconnected number.
Comment by Rosie on 03300535838
Friday, 09.22.2017 @ 11:11am
Jammitup. They took £4.50 off my phone bill with no permission at all. Never heard of them before this.
Comment by Don on 01763248674
Friday, 09.22.2017 @ 10:58am
It's the Telephone Blocking Service. It's not a company it's an organisation so can phone even if you're on TPS! They can block nuisance calls for free, you just pay a rental on a box they send. They are working with TPS.
Comment by Christine on 01616722012
Friday, 09.22.2017 @ 10:17am
Keep getting called at least three four times a day for the past week never being left a message so blocked it
Comment by Franklin on 4046927805
Friday, 09.22.2017 @ 09:26am
Calls several times a day and does not leave a message,
Comment by Minnie on 3154640683
Friday, 09.22.2017 @ 09:22am
Scammer saying they have Federal $$$ if you send them gift cards.


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