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Comment by Lost on 0861005520
Saturday, 03.25.2017 @ 17:00pm
Guys have you guys realoved this issues please I'm stressing my self here
Got the same call didn't answer but got a message saying if I didn't call her by mon it would been seen as an admition of guilt, would like to know how you went about it
Comment by Delaney on 6504224925
Saturday, 03.25.2017 @ 16:28pm
Texted me to see if I was interested in a home inspection. This has been happening from other numbers for quite some time. I don't know if it's a way for them to be a middle man. It usually goes "Are you available to help Joe with a home inspection in ______. You have first priority. Reply 1 if interested, 2 if not.

I've texted them back asking who it was and have never received a response. This all started happening after I received an email trying to scam me.
Comment by Viss on 94287277
Saturday, 03.25.2017 @ 15:21pm
Received message from this number, named "WhatsApp" with a code and a link. I guess it's a virus or something.
Comment by David on 4403400075
Saturday, 03.25.2017 @ 15:04pm
Called Saturday, We have nobody in Ohio at all and we don't give that number away. We didn't answer and they didn't leave a voice mail or send a text. As far as I'm concerned, if you know us or have legitimate business with us, you'll do one of those two things. This one did not. This is a spammer, or someone trying to incur charges on you by you answering, or worse. Do yourself a favor and don't answer if you don't expect a call from someone or a business AND you don't recognize their number, ESPECIALLY if it is not a local area code!
Comment by Mike on 9043374920
Saturday, 03.25.2017 @ 14:34pm
Calls often, never leaves a message
Comment by Has been calling for 3 weeks now on 4079309790
Saturday, 03.25.2017 @ 14:08pm
No VM after calling twice. I think this caller may be a health Insurance Rep.
Comment by Taylor on 3852259837
Saturday, 03.25.2017 @ 13:10pm
SnapPower - Returning a call I made to them = Valid Call
Comment by Anónimo on 609096697
Saturday, 03.25.2017 @ 12:44pm
Ojo, mucho cuidado, es un estafador , tengo información de este señor , si algún afectado lee esto por favor contacte conmigo
Comment by courious on 6152160472
Saturday, 03.25.2017 @ 12:31pm
they say it is a company calling anytime they said they r reported with bbb but cant find them any info about that ?
Comment by cbddfs on 6092363270
Saturday, 03.25.2017 @ 10:58am
Someone I know and myself keep getting calls from this number. I had it blocked, but took off the block to answer the call to tell them they are scam artists. I confronted the woman nicely asking who she was, what company she worked for, address, phone number etc. but kept getting are you "xxx xxx". Finally, I confronted more forcibly and still the same thing. Told not to ever call again, the number had/was being reported as a scam operation. She refused to identify herself, yet kept asking me who I was. I told her well you called me you should know who you're calling you dialed my number I didn't call you. Blocked number again. Messages left were about internet allegations, legal action pending a a "court" number just 6 numbers no other information about what kind of legal action, etc.
Comment by Barbara on 6787341972
Saturday, 03.25.2017 @ 00:45am
I did not receive a call but a check in the mail for 2100.00 and the noye said to text only that number my full name, amount of check, check number and my cell number. And the note started off with Dear Sir/Ma'am, not with my name.
Comment by WaGuy on 2062601800
Friday, 03.24.2017 @ 22:57pm
Unsolicited call. Unfamiliar number. No ID. Left no message.
Comment by Obeya on 9045120592
Friday, 03.24.2017 @ 22:48pm
These folk keep calling and not saying anything why they are spoofing. I thing they are harrasing other person usiing my number.
Comment by E on 8883319180
Friday, 03.24.2017 @ 22:00pm
Calling for someone with ad ifferent name. Saying they are a firm hired by the state and will enter a guilty plea on someone named Mary's behalf. Also saying they will show up at her place of employment and she needs her hr dept to represent her
Comment by pissed on 6606794098
Friday, 03.24.2017 @ 21:26pm
Credit Card SCAMMERS on 660-679-4098!! Offering fake Credit Card Services (Lowering your credit rates/Monitoring your Credit Card activity/There is nothing wrong with your card but...and etc), but actually they phishing for your REAL CREDIT CARD NUMBERS! BEWARE! Number 1-660-679-4098 are SCAMMERS!
Comment by um duh on 8552999690
Friday, 03.24.2017 @ 20:31pm
It's a scam. If you get a pop up that tells you what to do. Press ctrl-alt-delete. and shut down your windows. If you get a screen that says restore windows, DON'T restore. Cuz you will just get the same one again. IF your computer is ever stuck ctrl-alt-del (at least on my Gateway laptop, gets rid of all windows. Then if you want you can restart your computer. If you are really worried about a virus go to control panel and look for anything suspicious that was downloaded on the same day you got the fraud pop up. Click on it and uninstall it.

Cristy V
Comment by Ang on 7801781012
Friday, 03.24.2017 @ 20:27pm
This number called me,i answered it and said hello about 10 times,there was no answer back.
Comment by LT on 0167853000
Friday, 03.24.2017 @ 20:09pm
Another scam.DO NOT ANSWER
Comment by LT on 970009
Friday, 03.24.2017 @ 20:07pm
Comment by mleo on 7272022862
Friday, 03.24.2017 @ 20:06pm
Just got a call and the very first thing she said when I answered was " can you hear me ? " I know better then to yes so I asked who was this and she said I participated in a recent survey ( which I have not ) and qualified for a gift card from Walmart, Target or Walgreens.
Comment by Teena on 6502621045
Friday, 03.24.2017 @ 19:34pm
Received phone call from this number asked what it was in regards to they said it was personal business matter I hung up. They called right back. Did not leave a msg. Blocked the call marked as spam
Comment by Kerri on 4052745086
Friday, 03.24.2017 @ 19:16pm
Got a call at 6:15pm to my cell. Didn't answer it, and they didn't leave a message
Comment by Brett on 2262363018
Friday, 03.24.2017 @ 19:07pm
You can tell these comments are fake. All left within the same 24 hour period and then never again. Why do sites like yours not catch this and delete false reports? Pretty sad.
Comment by Paul on 4013248210
Friday, 03.24.2017 @ 19:02pm
Multiple message left
Comment by Ashley on 99999918
Friday, 03.24.2017 @ 18:11pm
This number called me--it doesn't even have enough numbers, who or what's calling us!?
Comment by SV on 5809970789
Friday, 03.24.2017 @ 18:02pm
Called 3 times within 5 minutes. My caller ID said Cherokee, OK. Thats a small town in NW Oklahoma. No one answers and can't return call. I just blocked it on my landline.
Comment by Rico on 5076377427
Friday, 03.24.2017 @ 17:32pm
Caller stated he represented Microsoft and that my computer had a virus. I told him I knew it was a scam and hung up.
Comment by Kate on 656524978
Friday, 03.24.2017 @ 17:20pm
Unknown caller that calls and does not leave a message. A digit is missing in the phone number so you cannot call the number back.
Comment by m. on 8558757364
Friday, 03.24.2017 @ 17:17pm
855-875-7364 is CBE Customer Solutions
Chad Benson
Robert Kahler
Thomas Penaluna
1309 Technology Pkwy.
Cedar Falls, Iowa 50613

131 Tower Park Dr.
Suite 100
Waterloo, Iowa 50701
Comment by Sandy on 9363142137
Friday, 03.24.2017 @ 17:04pm
Getting calls with caller ID reading "Redemption Dept" but they don't leave a message, and I don't answer calls if I don't know who it is.
Comment by JB007 on 9724897927
Friday, 03.24.2017 @ 16:14pm
Called my LL, no message. That's the reason for voicemail. No message.....deleted. The only caller ID was the number above.
Comment by Sandy on 2482976218
Friday, 03.24.2017 @ 16:08pm
Called my home and my cell. I don't ever pick up calls that I don't know who's on the other end. This needs to stop because I feel like I'm being harassed.
Comment by Steph on 8773828212
Friday, 03.24.2017 @ 15:38pm
Call comes from MidAmerica Books in North Mankato, MN. They've been told repeatedly over the last two years that we do NOT wish to purchase from them, but they continue calling anyway.
Comment by Lisa on 2293524106
Friday, 03.24.2017 @ 15:34pm
This number keeps calling. If I answer they hang up and if I don't they're never leave a message
Comment by Gordon on 00448081450382
Friday, 03.24.2017 @ 15:21pm

The UK number 0808 145 0382 is assigned to Cheltenham & Gloucester / Lloyds Bank to reach their Mortgage Department.
Comment by Lindsay on 4022105902
Friday, 03.24.2017 @ 15:14pm
Gota call from this number today,have no clue who it is.
Comment by tired of scams on 8445124790
Friday, 03.24.2017 @ 15:14pm
somebody has to know who or what this is. Help!!
Comment by Sky on 9545431661
Friday, 03.24.2017 @ 15:03pm
Called everyday between 1:30 pm to 2:00 pm. Doesn't leave any message. Does not talk even pick up my phone. Irritating.
Comment by tired of scams on 8445124790
Friday, 03.24.2017 @ 14:39pm
just wondering who this is.
Comment by Bud on 5412552960
Friday, 03.24.2017 @ 14:38pm
called my elderly parents and claimed my brother had been charged with DUI and needed $2,500 wired for his bail, "but it would all be refundable". What BS...
Comment by gramma on 3202272216
Friday, 03.24.2017 @ 14:32pm
calls here constantly.. never leaves a message. Must be some scam
Comment by CHASITY on 2057453975
Friday, 03.24.2017 @ 14:26pm
Comment by Tina Smith on 9363031007
Friday, 03.24.2017 @ 14:25pm
this number calls my home phone by land line several times a's irritating because it's silence then "click" they hang up. If I didn't have anything better to do at any givin time of day, I think I could do better than making random calls and hanging up...Is there any way to stop this,I'm already on the "No Call List", but they still call.
Comment by Anon on 4708193930
Friday, 03.24.2017 @ 14:14pm
Called at 10:30 pm. Woke us up. Called back at 10:52 pm. Ridiculous.
Comment by SD on 5039410980
Friday, 03.24.2017 @ 14:04pm
keep getting calls and I let it go to message - no message left. The first time they called I did answer and they claim to be from health and safety and then asked me "can you hear me now". Did not answer question. TV news has warned of scams with this questions.
Comment by Glenn on 3108721394
Friday, 03.24.2017 @ 13:59pm
CsllerID says "unknown name". Left no message.
Comment by Karen on 5036789059
Friday, 03.24.2017 @ 13:43pm
Peeze newspaper subscription is who this number belongs to. I have asked them to stop calling yet they call me 4-5 times a day. I am blocking them.
Comment by Diane on 905641760858
Friday, 03.24.2017 @ 13:33pm
They said they are Internet company and want to fix a problem they say I have on my computer. They told me they have registration number of computer. Didn't give any information tothem
Comment by carl on 4104725127
Friday, 03.24.2017 @ 13:20pm
calls every day am PEMEXfor along time. I never answer it.
Comment by sabrina on 8182373204
Friday, 03.24.2017 @ 13:18pm
scam looking or citizen


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