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Comment by 0147284581 on 0147284581
Wednesday, 12.13.2017 @ 01:54am
0147284581 014-7284581 scammer offer fake vacation programme
Comment by walt on 5418012604
Wednesday, 12.13.2017 @ 00:14am
541 801 2604 calls almost daily. It is from Somewhere in EUGENE OREGON - or Albany - rings 3 to five times - never a message . I never answer but I intend to call back this number right now --- O.K. --- I did it with an other phone - it is an Insurance company - may be, like me, you shopped for a better Car/Home Insurance lately and gave them you number .. That's all I know... but is is very annoying!!
Comment by Bob on 6363343110
Tuesday, 12.12.2017 @ 23:53pm
It is a guy from Prison in Missouri. Trying to find someone to talk too. Can block call from the prison!
Comment by Beverly on 9495225753
Tuesday, 12.12.2017 @ 22:08pm
Claims my studentloan forgiveness expires tomorrow. Call now if I want forgiveness of the student loans.
Comment by Susan on 5512028896
Tuesday, 12.12.2017 @ 22:06pm
Has been calling after 9pm at night. I answer and say hello and they either hang up right away or say hello and then hang up!!!
Comment by Jeanne on 4158544977
Tuesday, 12.12.2017 @ 21:58pm
Unknown caller did not leave a message. Spam, Scam or Robocall. Block it.
Comment by Jeff on 6023344471
Tuesday, 12.12.2017 @ 21:12pm
Private collection agency calling about my past due student loan. You can negotiate with these people. You don't have to pay the full balance of your loan. Thought this might help others with delinquent loans.
Comment by Tashia on 9072684564
Tuesday, 12.12.2017 @ 19:43pm
Only rings a few times. Never leaves a VM.
Comment by Cloudscape on 7075341772
Tuesday, 12.12.2017 @ 19:01pm
Fraudulent Activity Alert
Comment by Katie on 6176740325
Tuesday, 12.12.2017 @ 18:37pm
Asked about my electric company she was off by a couple of letters. Immediately asked for information off of my bill. Untold her I'm not giving any information until I know who I'm giving it to. She said they were a power supplier. When I asked for the actual name of her company she hung up on me. BEWARE
Comment by Ra on 2068738832
Tuesday, 12.12.2017 @ 18:35pm
Phoned and left no message.
Comment by Bobby on 9252122862
Tuesday, 12.12.2017 @ 18:34pm
this is an IRS scam trying to tell me I have a warrant for my arrest..
Comment by al on 4752192440
Tuesday, 12.12.2017 @ 18:17pm
displays as "American Vets" in caller ID screen.
Did not answer,they did not leave message.
Comment by Monica on 9372196869
Tuesday, 12.12.2017 @ 18:13pm
He calls transgender escorts shows up without a gift and threats to tell the front desk your room if you do not see him. Watch out for him
Comment by Twilla Perry on 5027131710
Tuesday, 12.12.2017 @ 17:59pm
leaves a message that i have four felonies. I need to contact them because
i am going to be picked up for my crimes. I have not picked up the phone they left a message. This is a scam #.
Comment by Ann on 900080006202
Tuesday, 12.12.2017 @ 17:50pm
I have gotten sever text from this number
Comment by SAM SMITH on 9252122862
Tuesday, 12.12.2017 @ 17:18pm
Comment by Dawn on 8477879867
Tuesday, 12.12.2017 @ 16:50pm
calls 3 times in a row on my cell. Never leaves a message. Assume it is a robo-caller scam.
Comment by Petevickie on 3052606105
Tuesday, 12.12.2017 @ 16:47pm
Called my cell phone and gave a Spanish greeting. I asked who he was calling and he hung up.
I put call blocked on my phone for this number.
Comment by Scammers! on 3109903057
Tuesday, 12.12.2017 @ 15:39pm
They are scammers, Hollywood-cast, LLC casting agency. Avoid them, they won't give you any job nor make you famous. They will take your money that's it.
Comment by M on 7144654047
Tuesday, 12.12.2017 @ 15:38pm
Scammers! Cold call VOIP harrassment call center. Calls to let you know about a "claim filed against you" and refuse to identify themselves. Likely identity thieves or calling to give you the opportunity to pay money to resolve your nonexistent "claim".

Comment by Melanie on 9314018170
Tuesday, 12.12.2017 @ 15:03pm
they are legit. they left 3 notices in my door. so, i finally called and its a document delivery service.
Comment by Mary on 6622148934
Tuesday, 12.12.2017 @ 14:48pm
Keeps calling never leaves message. Who is this???????????
Comment by Learner on 8444513105
Tuesday, 12.12.2017 @ 14:28pm
Calling and left a message to call back, claiming from Healthnet.
Comment by Unknown on 4125029000
Tuesday, 12.12.2017 @ 14:24pm
While making a purchase on line - was contacted by this number and he wanted to finish my order for me and give me a deal. SCAM/hacker number
Comment by J. on 3122833744
Tuesday, 12.12.2017 @ 14:18pm
I knew it was a scam number, so I kept saying hello, I can't here you. The person got tired of asking me if I could hear her, so she hung up.
Comment by Andrew McNab on 02081023151
Tuesday, 12.12.2017 @ 13:45pm
They called me today at 12:02HRS. It's a legitimate no-nonsense number. NHS - so don't ignore it, get back to them!

I return called after no results online. It might be a new "switchboard" type dept of the NHS. Got through to the relevant dept quickly. They'd called to make an appointment for my Mum (I'm a carer).

They didn't try to sell me double glazing or PPI, etc... :-)
Comment by Noscam on 7542189174
Tuesday, 12.12.2017 @ 13:25pm
This website is a Scam ...the number originates from Florida as any basic caller I'd app tells you...dont pay for anything here
Comment by Shanyn on 3022450162
Tuesday, 12.12.2017 @ 13:20pm
Called an hour ago. My phone says it's from Georgetown, DE. Didn't leave a voicemail.
Comment by Cloudscape Inc on 9544860316
Tuesday, 12.12.2017 @ 12:46pm
Fraudulent Activity Alert
Comment by Clare on 01214683282
Tuesday, 12.12.2017 @ 12:38pm
Trashy You have been in a car accident. Disgusting report them to ofcom
Comment by PJ on 8324080081
Tuesday, 12.12.2017 @ 12:30pm
I picked up. Said that I had two legal complaints against me and that I need to call them or my lawyer needs to. This is a scam. I’ve received this same recording from different numbers arr around the country. They threaten to send the police to arrest you if you don’t pay them on a fake loan they say you’ve defaulted on. Ignore them!
Comment by Beth on 3153330710
Tuesday, 12.12.2017 @ 12:21pm
Spam scam if you dont answer even if you do they eill call you over and over from several numbers i am going on a month of phone calls and i am going to jave to wind up changing my number
Comment by tania on 6165220289
Tuesday, 12.12.2017 @ 12:15pm
had to block this guy wouldn't stop calling me
Comment by SoCal on 7144653200
Tuesday, 12.12.2017 @ 12:09pm
Robo dialer. I typically place these on speaker phone for a while which I hope delays them from making more of these calls. Today I was just hanging up when I heard someone on the other side answer the phone. By then I had disconnected. I wish I would have stayed on long enough to identify these people. I would have posted it here. There needs to be some type of action taken against these callers. Maybe remove their capability of spoofing their call numbers.
Comment by mtn oma on 5614509088
Tuesday, 12.12.2017 @ 11:41am
I am sick to death of running to answer the phone, only to have someone hang up on you...ASSHOLE!
Comment by Jack on 02074023668
Tuesday, 12.12.2017 @ 11:41am
This number is Dendrow Estate Agents. They are a Property Management Company.
Comment by LIsa on 9042670750
Tuesday, 12.12.2017 @ 11:00am
Comment by Dan on 5027131710
Tuesday, 12.12.2017 @ 10:38am
Typical scam call claiming to be IRS. Blocked caller
Comment by Jim on 8448231760
Tuesday, 12.12.2017 @ 09:46am
They said they are from Express Scripts, a Tricare Pharmacy. I did not return their call, but called Express Scripts on a number that I know to be legit.
Comment by John on 7345082612
Tuesday, 12.12.2017 @ 08:56am
Craigslist housing scam. trying to phish info and using a house for rent that is not his. SCUM
Comment by Nichola on 02392989799
Tuesday, 12.12.2017 @ 07:16am
Do not listen or deal with these people. They are called Product Guard Ltd and are selling warranty/insurance for your household items(sky, tv, washing machine etc. They only seem to have one person working for them and they never sound like they are in an actual office. When I spoke to them, they said they were no longer in the office, although their office hours are supposedly 9 - 5.30. I called at 4.30pm. They say they are regulated by the FCA but they are trading under Hill Finance who are regulated. I am now about to report them to the FCA and trading standards as they seem very dodgy to me. Do not recommend them as I have been waiting on a refund of a policy for over 2 months and do not believe they are legitimate.
Comment by cora on 0333381040
Tuesday, 12.12.2017 @ 07:15am
this number was a very strong scots accented lady who asked for my date of birth, I am a bit deaf and had job to understand thick scots voice so declined to answer her and put phone down, would like to know who this is
Comment by Mark on 01614841138
Tuesday, 12.12.2017 @ 06:55am
This number is been used as an automated enforcement collection agency. It's a con
Comment by Shamed on 08448794922
Tuesday, 12.12.2017 @ 03:26am
50p a minute. Compass food group payrol.
Comment by JJJ on 7709887929
Tuesday, 12.12.2017 @ 00:43am
Adult website scam number. DO NOT call or text.
Comment by Bob on 7045789121
Tuesday, 12.12.2017 @ 00:14am
Contacted me with an "underage son" scam where they were trying to extort $1,250 from me (initially). They wanted me to put send them money orders and GreenDot cards. This person needs to be reported to the authorities.
Comment by Bradley on 09989657315
Monday, 12.11.2017 @ 22:28pm
keep on calling, never left a message. I decided to block it after I searched the number on google and saw comments from other people
Comment by Chris on 0423956432
Monday, 12.11.2017 @ 21:55pm
Now this number has resorted to sending bogus SMS "Commonwealth bank: Your account is locked. Unlock it manually" and the link to the site ""
Comment by Amanda H. on 9852002117
Monday, 12.11.2017 @ 21:24pm
Lady identified herself as from HRRG. Ask for my date of birth to verify it. I asked what she was calling about before I gave my information twice before she hung up. SCAM !!!


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