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Comment by Iris on 2049832155
Monday, 10.16.2017 @ 21:37pm
Said they were from the cra trying to verify my address and get personal information.
Comment by Ray on 5042701254
Monday, 10.16.2017 @ 21:22pm
Got a call from this number, didn't answer. No message left. Called back, got a recording that "there is not answer at the destination called." Then googled it. Believe it or not, it is for a trauma and crime scene cleaning company, hoarding also.
Comment by Entrepreneurs Parts Services on 5737493397
Monday, 10.16.2017 @ 20:19pm
Entrepreneurs Parts Services
Bradley Phillips
P.O. BOX 771723

A professional 3 generations business in new starters, Alternators, Electrical Components products of the finest and highest quality!
Thank you for your business!
Comment by Lewie W on 8882337015
Monday, 10.16.2017 @ 18:36pm
American Heart Asso. Nuisance callers, I will now STOP contributing to them.
Comment by Sam on 6475766847
Monday, 10.16.2017 @ 18:19pm
I am getting a lot of calls from unknown phone numbers. I believe whoever it is uses the phone line to call other people. I have not had any extra charges on my phone thankfully, but I do believe the phone line is being used to contact their own people.
Comment by Michael George on 9542789189
Monday, 10.16.2017 @ 17:53pm
I have now filed complaint with both FTC and FCC, and next step will be to hire a lawyer. STOP CALLING
Comment by Sammy on 6049279825
Monday, 10.16.2017 @ 17:39pm
I am getting a lot of calls from unknown phone numbers. I believe whoever it is uses the phone line to call other people. I have not had any extra charges on my phone thankfully, but I do believe the phone line is being used to contact their own people.
Comment by Rachel on 7027790464
Monday, 10.16.2017 @ 16:48pm
I got a couple calls from this number regarding janitorial services at my place of business last month (September 2017). It's been a while since I heard from them, until tonight (October 11, 2017) when "Jack" called for the sole purpose of hitting on me. He asked increasingly personal questions about what I did last weekend, what my plans were this weekend, what social media sites I was on (this is when I caught onto the fact that he wasn't just a very friendly salesman) and what time I was getting off of work (which I refused to answer). I told him that if this wasn't a call about work then I needed to go, and hung up. Got another call from this number/Jack on October 12th, 2017. I told him right away that this was a business line and I was at work, so if he wasn't calling about business I could not talk to him. He then proceeded to ask for my cell phone number. I told him I was not interested. I am having this number blocked from calling our business again.
Comment by Richmond Newsom on 8008693557
Monday, 10.16.2017 @ 16:44pm
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Comment by CHUCK MORGAN on 2102472865
Monday, 10.16.2017 @ 15:54pm
Comment by bubu on 278393000040004
Monday, 10.16.2017 @ 15:48pm
I don't know whose number is this,please stop bothering me
Comment by Bruce on 3217324006
Monday, 10.16.2017 @ 15:31pm
321-732 -4006 - Calls to the West coast at 5 AM and wakes me up then hangs up! Makes me angry!
If I had a name and location I would report them to the Orlando FL BBB !
Comment by Mr c pitten on 07816492757
Monday, 10.16.2017 @ 15:08pm
They don't answer keep phoneing me bloody pest
Comment by Chuck on 6122307455
Monday, 10.16.2017 @ 14:52pm
Called twice today. Left no message.
Comment by Carlosv on 01463630175
Monday, 10.16.2017 @ 14:41pm
Cold call scum tying to scam you into buying a boiler.
Comment by paul on 2026404483
Monday, 10.16.2017 @ 13:39pm
block number still get calls
Comment by George on 02034552922
Monday, 10.16.2017 @ 13:02pm
Calls my mobile number 2 or 3 times a week. Gets filtered by call-blocking app so I don't answer it and don't know who is calling.
Comment by Quick Brown Fox on 2133584119
Monday, 10.16.2017 @ 12:17pm
An unwanted call from this Los Angeles VOIP number arrived the other day. When the answering machine picked up, the caller responded with dead silence. This is the tactic of robocallers (unlawful telemarketers) who continuously troll the phone lines, desperately seeking gullible schmucks to victimize.

Posters report the caller is a fake police charity. Whether it's air duct cleaning, HVAC systems, home repairs, computer repairs, credit cards, vacation giveaways, fake charities, or the IRS, A SCAM IS A SCAM IS A SCAM!
Comment by JLSigman on 8037404547
Monday, 10.16.2017 @ 12:12pm
If you answer, a recorded message claiming you talked to someone about buying insurance. If ignored, calls right back. Never leaves a message
Comment by Derek on 01618140720
Monday, 10.16.2017 @ 11:33am
PPI.... my details have pop up on their screen......I said wow, did he detect a slight sarcastic tone in my voice, then he hung up?
Comment by Martin F on 01157841079
Monday, 10.16.2017 @ 10:26am
Call about data protection - when I queried for more details they hung-up.
Comment by Trish on 01202283178
Monday, 10.16.2017 @ 09:55am
As far as I know the code 01202 is Bournemouth
Comment by Joe on 8552557294
Monday, 10.16.2017 @ 09:39am
I am the Joe referenced in the message above. You are 100% incorrect in your description. You can simply call the number on the back of you UHC insurance card to confirm the legitimacy of the call. Letters are sent to every member before they are contacted. The division, which is the Coordination of Benefits, is found on the UHC website. The only information asked of a member is their month and year of birth and zip code. Nothing that could be used for any purpose other than complying with HIPPA requirements in order to discuss a member's personal health information. This is a free service which is a courtesy offered by UHC. We have helped hundreds of members obtain benefits they would likely not have received or paid a large portion of their backpay to obtain.
Comment by craig on 08000789509
Monday, 10.16.2017 @ 09:33am
They are a multi activity company.
Quad Biking, Paintball, Clay Shooting, Go Karting, Sky Diving, Bungee Jumping, Airsoft, Laser Combat and loads more. If you have made an enquiry / booking for any activity across the UK and Ireland this is there call back telephone number.
Comment by rick on 4076651010
Monday, 10.16.2017 @ 09:19am
who is this and what do they want
Comment by Rhona on 07816492757
Monday, 10.16.2017 @ 08:59am
"Claim Services" apparently. Asked how I was and when I gave him a one word answer back he hung up on me. Rude and frustrating that these companies are STILL getting away with all this cold calling. Maybe he just wanted me to ask how he was too :)
Comment by jack kinkade on 01414653701
Monday, 10.16.2017 @ 08:43am
calls but leaves no voicemail
Comment by Vicki on 02085229738
Monday, 10.16.2017 @ 07:04am
This number phoned my mobile and when I didn't answer went straight to my landline! No message left either time.
Comment by Sparky on 07878237442
Monday, 10.16.2017 @ 05:56am
Nuisance call. Blank 5 seconds then compter voice "Goodbye". Two days after registering a domain.
Comment by mary on 0113123766414
Monday, 10.16.2017 @ 05:16am
this number called late at night three times awaking me from a deep sleep
Comment by Hank on 0736136290
Monday, 10.16.2017 @ 04:15am
Answer, hangs up
Comment by archie on 029170584
Monday, 10.16.2017 @ 02:19am
whos the owner of this number
Comment by David M Sterling on 9802172469
Sunday, 10.15.2017 @ 17:48pm
Some kind of robo-call - calls at all hours/days (including late Sunday nights!). No one ever answers - says you can 'opt out' by pressing 1 (I have, they still call). This is my cell and it is on the do not call list so this is not legal.
Comment by Quick Brown Fox on 8186577375
Sunday, 10.15.2017 @ 17:45pm
An unwanted call from this Canoga Park VOIP number arrived the other day. When the answering machine picked up, the caller responded with dead silence. This is the tactic of robocallers (unlawful telemarketers), who continuously troll the phone lines, desperately seeking gullible schmucks to victimize.

There is some evidence the caller is a scam contractor (probably unlicensed). Whether it's air duct cleaning, home repairs. computer repairs, credit cards, vacation giveaways. fake charities, or the IRS, A SCAM IS A SCAM IS A SCAM!
Comment by huma on 8821622775607
Sunday, 10.15.2017 @ 12:42pm
who calling me?
i don't pick this number
Comment by Michael on 9146621482
Sunday, 10.15.2017 @ 11:10am
Has called twice in the past two days. Did not answer the first time and they didn't leave a message. Answered the second time and the call ended immediately after I said hello.
Comment by Anne on 9142595217
Saturday, 10.14.2017 @ 20:51pm
A guy named Nicholas said my name was on a list for people at risk of falling. Was trying to sell some kind of alert for elderly people. When I told him not to call anymore he just kept laughing. Sick people out there.
Comment by email scam? on 3363468914
Saturday, 10.14.2017 @ 19:04pm
I got exactly the same message Oct 9,2017 from :

Hi this Ella, I found your listing on xxx and would like to find out more about it. Please let me know when you are available.

(336) 346-8914
Comment by 187 on 7787700606
Saturday, 10.14.2017 @ 14:13pm
loser texts me and doesnt answer
Comment by Jean Blair on 6156106992
Saturday, 10.14.2017 @ 12:30pm
I think it is some type of surveillance to set your phone off to hear your conversations in your home. It just happened to me as well. Our govt is so corrupt. no Message ever is left. If you call it bk, they can take over your phone.
Comment by JS on 4087589514
Saturday, 10.14.2017 @ 12:19pm
Glass Mountain Capital, debt collector
Comment by ally on 02036288869
Saturday, 10.14.2017 @ 12:17pm
Promises spa treatments worth £150 in central London. Keep calling but fails to leave a message. Bit dodgy.
Comment by Ruth on 6303200923
Saturday, 10.14.2017 @ 11:25am
I receive two calls a day morning and night....Please STOP it is on my Magic Jack and cannot Block it! Can someone Help?
Comment by Peggy on 9177281137
Saturday, 10.14.2017 @ 11:12am
I have received calls from this number several times in the past month. Added to reject list.
Comment by B Flash on 02701506158
Saturday, 10.14.2017 @ 06:45am
Unsolicited SILENT CALL to our TPS-listed home-phone.
Comment by Keith on 02034766892
Saturday, 10.14.2017 @ 06:00am
This number has rang 8 times in the last week. I don't recognise the number and wont answer. No voice message - so assuming its not important and probably a call ctr..
Comment by maggie on 01419316400
Saturday, 10.14.2017 @ 04:12am
multiple calls land line and mobile Blocked caller
Comment by l on 5208099009
Friday, 10.13.2017 @ 23:11pm
keeps calling, no message, called back- used a first name to address me by, didnt give company name or who they were. told them they had wrong number- said they wouuld call 'employer'. still have no idea who these baffoons are.
Comment by Somebody (Ha ha, my name, right?!) on 3035340850
Friday, 10.13.2017 @ 19:51pm
Got 2 calls from this number. It sounded like "...Press 2 for no", and then it hangs up. Tried calling it back, and it said "The caller you have reached has not set up their Voice Mail." Sounds like a scam.
Comment by Mich on 5612291459
Friday, 10.13.2017 @ 19:41pm
Calls constantly. Getting aggravated with it!


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