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Comment by DAVE on 3146698827
Monday, 12.5.2016 @ 11:23am
Giving missed calls every day.
Comment by Cruz Ramirez on 3614256832
Monday, 12.5.2016 @ 11:09am
Very sweet and pleasant person
Comment by Dee From New Orleans on 2143960959
Monday, 12.5.2016 @ 11:06am
No One Responded When I Said Hello
Comment by Miss Hampson on 08438165199
Monday, 12.5.2016 @ 11:04am
I have no idea who this number is but I have received charges off them of 65p on my account. I usually ignore all calls and some of them only last 31 seconds but I know I have no answered them but one which was a guy claiming I had been in an accident. I said I haven't been in an accident and tried to explain that I didn't want to waste his time on the phone and he was very rude in response so I hung up.

So it's just spam ignore it and add it to the rejection list and make sure you aren't getting charged on your contract.
Comment by Louis on 01162890989
Monday, 12.5.2016 @ 10:32am
Recruitment agency contacted me after applying for a job on Monster.
Comment by deeno on 5072169938
Monday, 12.5.2016 @ 10:30am
i believe this a telemarketing firm or something,, they call and appear to hang up
because the computer system they use can't recognize celluar phone systems.
A NUISANCE !! i know....
Comment by Lappy420 on 07341567829
Monday, 12.5.2016 @ 10:25am
Phone range 3 times then stopped. Looked at call log and saw it was a mobile number so assumed it was important and called back but got a fuzzy lady's voice asking for Mr. X, then put on hold after asking who it was. Called back a few times with a withheld number, getting same engaged/busy sound. After a few atytempts, I managed to get the Holiday Inn in Aylesbury, which is really confusing. The person was really confused. -Lappy420
Comment by Overit on 01303391142
Monday, 12.5.2016 @ 10:04am
Very aggressive bloke and really bad attitude ringing through a Folkestone number. Selling no-fault compensation but breaking the law of harassment and has been reported to the police and TPS. If you get calls from this guy or his company then report them immediately don't deal with them.
Comment by BLB on 5124959128
Monday, 12.5.2016 @ 09:54am
I received three calls from this number over Thanksgiving 2016. Is it possible to shut down a number?
Comment by duffer04 on 2078082283
Monday, 12.5.2016 @ 09:18am
Breast cancer research
Comment by irene on 0817333381
Monday, 12.5.2016 @ 09:12am
it is a tracing company is kloof kzn
Comment by Block Calls on 02036301945
Monday, 12.5.2016 @ 09:02am
UK Living - Survey Call.

To stop these calls please visit and register your details.
Comment by James on 0873109587
Monday, 12.5.2016 @ 09:02am
Owner of this phone is a toss. Hangs up when you answer and you cant call them back.
Comment by My number on 0448058773
Monday, 12.5.2016 @ 08:42am
I use these type of sites for unwanted callers. I wish some had more information attached.
For those interested its a telstra number based in Melbourne used for personal use. If you have multiple at once then its not me.
Comment by Pat P on 01174033280
Monday, 12.5.2016 @ 08:37am
Yes-It Is AO .com Appliances online regarding your recent order
Comment by Kate on 02070794527
Monday, 12.5.2016 @ 08:09am
This number is purporting to be a model agency type company (UK Models) Contact name Rikki. My teenage daughter sent some photos and now they are asking me to phone them. Am a bit worried. The phone number is the same as the London model agency of the same name (which is real) apart from the last 3 digits.
Comment by Catherine on 61111
Monday, 12.5.2016 @ 07:51am
61111 just texted me to say someone wanted to pay me by something that sounded like allowed me to opt out...didnt say how or STOP...typed stop and went to send and it came up that I would be charged for the text so didnt send just deleted them...anyone know what this is about?I would be qiuite sure that no one is wanting to send me money!
Comment by Block Calls on 01326255491
Monday, 12.5.2016 @ 07:45am
This is a Nuisance Caller.

To stop these calls please visit and register your details.
Comment by Cj on 01142134207
Monday, 12.5.2016 @ 07:41am
Company called Energy Saving. Asked me if I remember when they called me in July. I couldn't remember. It's an external wall covering they said, that protects walls in all weather. I told them my sons own the house I couldn't agree to anything. They said they would try again when my sons were here.
Comment by Audrey on 02089359040
Monday, 12.5.2016 @ 07:26am
Call was courtesy from dial a flight due to our upcoming flight.
Comment by Red Williams on 02080280034
Monday, 12.5.2016 @ 07:24am
I got a call today from a man with a thick Indian accent called Robert.
He claimed my son had been involved in an accident in the last three years and wanted his numbers.
Obviously I didn't pass them on.
A total con.
Stay clear of this joker!
Comment by mohammed on 00922199232662
Monday, 12.5.2016 @ 07:21am
PIA. Called to notify of flight delay.
Comment by katelynd on 07538359840
Monday, 12.5.2016 @ 06:41am
my mums number and I don't know any of u so yh
Comment by Helen on 01917070025
Monday, 12.5.2016 @ 06:02am
This caller told me they were from a crime prevention company and told me about the number of crimes in this area last week. She was trying to persuade me to have a look at a home security alert device as they were in the area this week. She told me she was not selling anything. When I told her that my number was on TPS she said that they always check. She stressed that she was not selling anything, and that what she was doing was marketing. (Isn't that the same thing?)
Comment by Hazel on 08452868272
Monday, 12.5.2016 @ 05:50am
Get several calls from this number a day
Comment by Anon on 01925563473
Monday, 12.5.2016 @ 05:21am
Person called asked me questions, when I ask why they were asking. They discontinued the call
Comment by Flossie on 0478727135
Monday, 12.5.2016 @ 04:20am
They rang me at 6.59pm and did not leave a message.
It's not the first time they have called me.
Comment by Chris on 07441914106
Monday, 12.5.2016 @ 03:23am
Text me to change work details. Got me in trouble
Comment by Nel on 0425084446
Monday, 12.5.2016 @ 01:54am
Replied to ad for fulltime job...offered to pay me as per his locanto ad "wanting a real very young girl to have"
Comment by Azam pasha on 07427147949
Monday, 12.5.2016 @ 00:49am
Corp instant card debit card o
Comment by Azam pasha on 07427147949
Monday, 12.5.2016 @ 00:48am
6071 8430 1859 2364 this card has been blocked
Comment by Debbie on 2674282124
Sunday, 12.4.2016 @ 23:36pm
These people call me several times every day. I've trying blocking the number but somehow it still comes thru. They never leave messages and when I answer there is nobody there. There should be a way to stop this annoying practice.
Comment by heywood jablomy on 8508001562
Sunday, 12.4.2016 @ 21:46pm
posts fake rv ads on craigslist
Comment by JB on 8554271652
Sunday, 12.4.2016 @ 20:59pm
I have a bill on credit card for 34.00 and this is number listed for seller. No idea
Comment by Mar on 6666666661
Sunday, 12.4.2016 @ 20:37pm
I was sending a message by whatsapp and I realized I had some strange contacts, one of the was named "Fernando doesn´t care you´re drunk" with the number (666) 666 6661, as if somebody i don´t know knew who Fernando was or what was I doing
Comment by ABEBA on 9083684892
Sunday, 12.4.2016 @ 19:48pm
I get a call from this no. I don't pick up because I don't pick up the no. I don'y know. They don't leave any message but they calling every single day. I am really fed up.
Comment by joe on 5402460327
Sunday, 12.4.2016 @ 18:35pm
National Rifle Association. I will call to have my number removed from their data base. 1-877-672-2000
Comment by Doug on 9802574729
Sunday, 12.4.2016 @ 15:10pm
This number belongs to the beautiful Lizzy. These people who left those comments are phonies. She does not have any reason to call random people and hang up LOL....All lies
Comment by shrimpboats on 4847356691
Sunday, 12.4.2016 @ 14:59pm
Received Wassup SMS message on my cell phone from this number. Message was 'Yo'. I don't know this number. Did not reply.
Comment by Gail on 7033720697
Sunday, 12.4.2016 @ 14:18pm
Phone calls a couple times a week. Leaves no message. Extremely annoying. This needs to stop.
Comment by Call recipient on 9083684892
Sunday, 12.4.2016 @ 14:05pm
calls EVERY DAY - no message. very annoying and unwanted.
Comment by Mike on 2812415380
Sunday, 12.4.2016 @ 13:29pm
Several calls, no voice mail. Shows up as Capital One on Hiya.
Comment by Call recipient on 9083684892
Sunday, 12.4.2016 @ 13:13pm
Calls every day. Never leaves a message. Assuming this is a solicitation of some sort.
Comment by martire on 7132445572
Sunday, 12.4.2016 @ 12:48pm
Caller said they were from DirectTV. I don't subscribe to DirectTV. They knew my name, but asked for the last 4 digits of my Socila Security number. I promptly hung up.
Comment by Paul on 07476632994
Sunday, 12.4.2016 @ 12:32pm
Keeps texting me saying there aunt is in hospital. Have told them over and over that they have the wrong number
Comment by jon on 7737196901
Sunday, 12.4.2016 @ 12:00pm
man picked up said he is with a dating site who is this make them stop
Comment by Donald on 03300883703
Sunday, 12.4.2016 @ 09:06am
This number calls several times daily,absolute pest,they should be sued for harassment
Comment by Mathew on 03453511498
Sunday, 12.4.2016 @ 06:20am
Had a phone call from this number says that automated call from Lloyds bank, .i didn't start conversation.please advise.
Comment by Bee on 447857917417
Sunday, 12.4.2016 @ 02:36am
In my case, he used the name Jamal al Din Razak. Good looking (from the pictures he sent via whatsapp, surely he has stolen someone's identity) and says he is a Kuwaiti staying and working as Medical Engineer in Westminster, London. After a few phone conversations and text messages (everyday), when I request him to go on video call, he refuses and totally disappears and block your number totally. Dating Scam. Please watch out.
Comment by Nars on 44740400
Sunday, 12.4.2016 @ 01:57am
This number called me today (2016/12/04). What seemed to be an Arabic-speaking lady asked me in English if I spoke Arabic. I said no. She said to call back the number and an English-speaking person will answer. I did not call back. Instead, I searched for the number. And now here I am. From what I gather on this page, this seems to be some sort of fishy operation.


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