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Comment by Alan on 6318565438
Tuesday, 02.20.2018 @ 17:36pm
Kept calling me and left me a message saying to contact them, that they are looking for landscapers in my city in NC.
Comment by Researcher on 7035708960
Tuesday, 02.20.2018 @ 17:31pm
I called back, using *67. "THANK YOU FOR CALLING THE TEA PARTY MAJORITY". I don't drink tea, so I hung up..(lol).... Political "Junkmail" by phone. Maybe they don't speak so people will call them... hmmmm.
Comment by alex on 9259628896
Tuesday, 02.20.2018 @ 16:44pm
Comment by Dave on 7147900845
Tuesday, 02.20.2018 @ 16:27pm
Called, left no message. Blocked number
Comment by 952-777-8005 on 9527778005
Tuesday, 02.20.2018 @ 15:27pm
Comment by 612-284-5649 on 6122845649
Tuesday, 02.20.2018 @ 15:26pm
Massive fraud caller.
Comment by Wendy on 6182166685
Tuesday, 02.20.2018 @ 15:21pm
Soliciting donations for the Special Olympics
Comment by Lily on 01858412700
Tuesday, 02.20.2018 @ 14:44pm
It’s from myhermes courier job
Comment by Sasha on 7147463128
Tuesday, 02.20.2018 @ 14:05pm
Spam telemarketers
Comment by Tuesday, 02/20/2017 @1.56 pm EST on 9148299360
Tuesday, 02.20.2018 @ 13:57pm

Why are you calling me. Leave a message.
Comment by Bow on 8443850276
Tuesday, 02.20.2018 @ 13:35pm
This number is associated with RCI (a timeshare reservation scheduler) and they are just informing RCI members of different options that are available to the members. One example is how to exchange unused points to cover maintenance fees and they have an online website that will provide an overview of the RCI programs. The rep I spoke with mentioned that many of the reps do not leave voice messages. If you have any questions about your RCI membership contact Katie at ext 130. She was very helpful in answering my questions
Comment by Quick Brown Fox on 8052033835
Tuesday, 02.20.2018 @ 13:24pm
An unwanted call from this Cambria VOIP number arrived today. When the answering machine picked up, there was a recorded message that masqueraded as the local utility advising its customer about energy savings programs. Folks, this is a perennial energy scam, pure and simple. Avoid it like the plague!!!
Comment by Noodle on 2625995820
Tuesday, 02.20.2018 @ 12:03pm
This number keeps calling me! I pick up then hang up immediately. Annoying!
Comment by Richard on 5085069179
Tuesday, 02.20.2018 @ 11:51am
No one on line when they call
Comment by Quick Brown Fox on 8058252023
Tuesday, 02.20.2018 @ 11:40am
An unwanted call from this Arroyo Grande VOIP number was received. When the answering machine picked up, there was dead silence -- a sure sign of robocallers (unlawful telemarketers) who shamelessly prey on the public.

The website has flagged this number as "scam or fraud." Case closed!
Comment by JB007 on 2146409987
Tuesday, 02.20.2018 @ 11:33am
Just checked another source.

Flagged as Scam or Fraud

(214) 640-9987
AT&T Landline

Dallas TX

Spam/Fraud Potential: High Risk
Comment by JB007 on 2146409987
Tuesday, 02.20.2018 @ 11:28am
Just called my cell number. No message. No caller ID. Didn't answer. Without one of the prior two, message or ID, I never answer. I may call it via my landline number to check it out.
Comment by Kim on 9738144399
Tuesday, 02.20.2018 @ 11:21am
It's just elevator music.... no idea who is really calling. Blocking number.
Comment by Lorene on 654176347
Tuesday, 02.20.2018 @ 11:21am
Este número es de una persona mayor , dejen de molestar .
Comment by Quick Brown Fox on 8054646464
Tuesday, 02.20.2018 @ 10:57am
An unwanted call from this Atascadero VOIP number recently arrived. When the answering machine picked up, there was dead silence -- a sure sign of robocallers (unlawful telemarketers) who shamelessly prey on the public. Preadators like these are why you should LET YOUR ANSWERING MACHINE TAKE THEIR PATHETIC CALLS.
Comment by Philip on 0110482000
Tuesday, 02.20.2018 @ 06:55am
Repeatedly call and leave no message or if pick up the call no answer. Also repeatedly call mobile numbers as well to same effect. Blocked now
Comment by Donna on 6153923464
Tuesday, 02.20.2018 @ 06:35am
NO idea but got several calls. Keep blocking but another call with only one number different. I did not even know there was a Spring Hill TN!!!!!!!!!!
Comment by Hannetjie on 0110530063
Tuesday, 02.20.2018 @ 05:16am
These people phone me non stop, I don't answer. I phoned back and it says number does not exist. If it was important they will leave a message (none left) just keep on phoning. Very annoying.
Comment by missy on 09257459300
Tuesday, 02.20.2018 @ 01:28am
always call but if you answer he/she will cancel.
if you call him/her, never answer so annoying!
Comment by Jack on 6096638145
Monday, 02.19.2018 @ 23:51pm
Came up as scam likely
Comment by Linda on 4057584862
Monday, 02.19.2018 @ 20:12pm
I just received a call from this number. I could barely understand her. She kept asking questions trying to get me to say yes. She refused to answer my question as to who she was at which point I told her "I do not answer questions when I don't know you." and I hung up.

Comment by Ann on 5042901314
Monday, 02.19.2018 @ 18:28pm
I've been getting calls many times .Caller ID says AMERICAN VET and when I called
back it was a disconnected number.I answered today and don't know if it was a
human or ROBO.I said "You are wasting your time.I do not donate or fall for
Scams.Bleep off" and hung up. I was mad.I don't appreciate a**wagons annoying me
in my own home.
Comment by Not a Victim on 5032324222
Monday, 02.19.2018 @ 17:45pm
SCAM. Caller called 3x in about 4 hours. Caller has poor English skills and claims to be from "Windows Support". Wants access to your computer to clean up some viruses that you've supposedly downloaded.
Comment by Quick Brown Fox on 3102100250
Monday, 02.19.2018 @ 17:29pm
Another unwanted call from this L.A. cell number arrived today, just 3 months since the last unwanted call on Nov. 9. When the answering machine picked up, there was dead silence -- a sure sign of robocallers (unlawful telemarketers) who shamelessly prey on the public.

The perpetrator has been unmasked as Kossoris Search, a lawyer search firm that seems to have branched into using reverse mortgages to search your wallet. Whether it's home repairs, computer repairs, carpet cleaning, solar energy, timeshares, vacation giveaways, credit cards, reverse mortgages, the IRS, Nigerian princes, or ambulance-chasing lawyers, A SCAM IS A SCAM IS A SCAM!
Comment by Annoyed on 4242175030
Monday, 02.19.2018 @ 17:19pm
Got call. No VM. Will block.
Comment by Dave on 9374669919
Monday, 02.19.2018 @ 16:58pm
Scam caller asking if I still owned a Dodge. I answered NO, and they hung up.
Comment by Mary on 4027884442
Monday, 02.19.2018 @ 16:14pm
Scammer, I get a call every day from "Panama NE" to tell me something is bad with my Credit card. This is one of the phone numbers.

I block and close the phone (and report them to the do not call gov site) and for this number I tried calling back just curious. It was not functional so the number was a lie.
Comment by Clyde on 2542464140
Monday, 02.19.2018 @ 16:08pm
Bastids woke me up and said nothing and left no message! Tried to call them but blocked for some reason. Tney left no message.
Comment by Answering Machine on 7039526146
Monday, 02.19.2018 @ 15:38pm
My phone is in the Federal Do Not Call List. They called anyway, got the answering machine, left no message. I do not call back.
Comment by Ronald Russell on 8443736623
Monday, 02.19.2018 @ 15:20pm
Toll free in United States medium spam suspected
Comment by Ronald Russell on 9782247918
Monday, 02.19.2018 @ 15:13pm
VOIP Salem MA Heavy spam suspected
Comment by Yona on 2542464140
Monday, 02.19.2018 @ 14:55pm
(254) 246-4140 SCAM CALL !!! Wanted to talk about your credit cards
Comment by Myspiritsky on 6159223794
Monday, 02.19.2018 @ 13:43pm
CBE group....debt collection
Comment by vinny on 02070604571
Monday, 02.19.2018 @ 13:35pm
Comment by Charlene on 8887585993
Monday, 02.19.2018 @ 13:03pm
Said from Bank of America...Wanted my Date of Birth
Comment by Bob on 2528883520
Monday, 02.19.2018 @ 12:58pm
Some lady named Brooke calling on a recorded line, having something to do with Medicare. I spoke German and she hung up.
Comment by Ken on 5742221895
Monday, 02.19.2018 @ 12:54pm
Calls frequently, call back no answer..
Comment by Quick Brown Fox on 9092066325
Monday, 02.19.2018 @ 12:21pm
An unwanted call from this Mentone VOIP number arrived today. When the answering machine picked up, there was dead silence -- a sure sign of robocallers (unlawful telemarketers) who shamelessly prey on the public.

The website describes this number as "scam or fraud." Case closed!
Comment by Leave me alone on 9729962665
Monday, 02.19.2018 @ 11:59am
It's National Credit Adjusters.
Comment by Joyce on 3157281125
Monday, 02.19.2018 @ 11:07am
Is this a company or a scam
Comment by Annie on 02070921126
Monday, 02.19.2018 @ 09:33am
I live in America, not sure how the got my number, but whoever it was put the phone down
Comment by Syed Hassan Ali Karachi on 0518250059
Monday, 02.19.2018 @ 07:18am
Today19/02/2018 I received a call from this Numer 0518250059 for 30 seconds unfoutunetly no one has reply back to me even didn't say hello to me.
Comment by Norm on 03713842233
Monday, 02.19.2018 @ 05:56am
This number is for the share dealing company Equiniti. I am guessing here thats a local call number.
Comment by Pamela on 9253077077
Sunday, 02.18.2018 @ 21:50pm
Apparently it is a survey company doing research. They have called our number many times and we never answer.
Comment by Jazzy on 9859003059
Sunday, 02.18.2018 @ 19:43pm
Called I answered and the man said hello and nothing else. It's a scam


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