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Comment by Tip on 3614506214
Saturday, 05.25.2019 @ 17:48pm
Was given by a female army officer on insta as her own. Turns out it s a guy who is using this account of an army officer. On whatsapp the picture is of a guy
Comment by Sgt. Pepper on 8002752273
Saturday, 05.25.2019 @ 15:47pm
800-275-2273 = 800-APL-CARE shows in the caller ID, however, an Indian/Hindu speaking woman who identified herself as "Linda" from Leading Edge Recovery Solutions (a collection agency).. This is a SCAM..they cannot get their story straight!
Comment by Dave on 01160800274
Saturday, 05.25.2019 @ 14:59pm
this number contacted me several times. No voice mail left and no response if you call them back. You get an error message. Likely scam
Comment by Simon on 07927525066
Saturday, 05.25.2019 @ 13:41pm
Phoned twice and no one talks when answered and then tried a third time with a WhatsApp call.
Comment by Bob on 02034795700
Saturday, 05.25.2019 @ 12:07pm
Twelve Transfers airport taxi firm calling to confirm my booking
Comment by Madge on 01232509919
Saturday, 05.25.2019 @ 12:00pm
This number is a robotic voice that tells you it's from BT Technical support and your internet is being hacked. It asks you to press option 1 for help but even though I didn't press this option I was still immediately put through to a human voice, strong Asian accent, who told me he was BT Tech support and my internet was being hacked. He said I'd need to shut it down for a month to stop the attack. He asked me when I'd last used my internet. I said as he knew so much about my internet perhaps he should tell me! He said he didn't like my attitude and asked why I was being like that. I said I didn't take kindly to him cold calling me to give me alarmist messages. He said he wasn't cold calling me because the robot at the beginning of the call was a perfectly legal way of contacting me. I said I didn't want to discuss the legality or otherwise of the call and tried to get him to tell me if he was really BT Tech support what he was going to do to help with my supposed hack-attack. All he wanted to know was when I'd last used my internet and I refused to tell him. He said he didn't want to talk to me anymore and I said that was good because I didn't want to talk to him either! I hung up!!
Comment by Jordan on 6177739325
Saturday, 05.25.2019 @ 10:53am
Please remove my number from safari too many phone calls 🙏
Comment by Todd on 74611888
Saturday, 05.25.2019 @ 10:41am
Received every day for a week, new temporary pin. It’s the actual AT&T number but obviously fraud.
Comment by Jack on 02087609501
Saturday, 05.25.2019 @ 10:08am
0208 760 9501 Called at 3 pm on a Saturday may 25 2019 and hung up.
Comment by john on 01924669314
Saturday, 05.25.2019 @ 07:23am
This is a Wakefield number I know this as I live in Wakefield. never answered it yet
Comment by Geoff on 07530947446
Saturday, 05.25.2019 @ 05:20am
Rang today saying from Nationwide building society. They used my internet name not a name an official business that has my proper name would use.
Comment by Robert on 07530947446
Saturday, 05.25.2019 @ 05:13am
Called today,Indian accent purporting to be from Natiowide Building Society,asked for me by name and address;enquiring wether still had mortgage?I stated they should know if I had mortgage with them but they said needed to clarify.I told them to stop wasting my time as clearly a scam trying to find information from you!
Comment by Lmay on 07530947446
Saturday, 05.25.2019 @ 04:35am
Called today ... left no message ... uk
Comment by Catherine on 7324278817
Friday, 05.24.2019 @ 22:04pm
I tried calling it back and got a "The number you have dialed is not in service" message.
Comment by Joanie on 4024903710
Friday, 05.24.2019 @ 15:46pm
caller did not leave message
Comment by Cooper on 9045075338
Friday, 05.24.2019 @ 15:45pm
Didn't know the number, didn't answer. They left no message. Proven scam.
Comment by w on 8134438034
Friday, 05.24.2019 @ 12:35pm
don't answer it
Comment by Murphy on 8662969449
Friday, 05.24.2019 @ 12:20pm
Caller left message about my Federal Student Loan
Did not call back as I don't have a student loan
Comment by Connie on 7813846872
Friday, 05.24.2019 @ 11:47am
This men call so many times O'connor on you visit job site I'm job specialist I told you
don't call me click his phone.He lie say on record line STOP call me.
Comment by roy on 8332955572
Friday, 05.24.2019 @ 11:28am
i just received a call saying that i will be sued for fraud.
Comment by jack on 8332891205
Friday, 05.24.2019 @ 11:17am
This number knew, but mispronounced my name. I did not respond to its recorded request for 'yes or no' confirmation. Other sites report this a fraud robo call. Jack
Comment by L. on 8729038425
Friday, 05.24.2019 @ 08:56am
Certainly SPAM!!!! I am Canadian with no SSN (we call it different). I found a message on my answering machine (I have a Florida phone #)from this number accusing me of Social Security fraud. What could be more ridiculous!?
Comment by Jill on 07514380995
Friday, 05.24.2019 @ 08:26am
Has phoned me 7 times while I was on holiday so didn't answer as didnt want to pay for the call. They left no messages so couldn't have been urgent.
Comment by Matthew Teo on 0126955618
Friday, 05.24.2019 @ 07:07am
I received this call saying from May bank outlet. Worried about having any abnormal or criminal
Comment by Charles Siu on 02088665766
Friday, 05.24.2019 @ 06:51am
A general practitioner. Most likely a wrong number.
Comment by Neil on 8002999231
Thursday, 05.23.2019 @ 21:51pm
Same for me, they are calling from the US to my Canadian#, never leave a message and are always willing to call again. Probably a "you have won a cruise in a contest you never entered!" call.
Comment by Mr. Steve Miller Dallas, Texas on 8177049445
Thursday, 05.23.2019 @ 21:07pm
Mr. Steve Miller Dallas, Texas
Comment by Obedient on 3018574108
Thursday, 05.23.2019 @ 20:17pm
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Comment by CHARLIE on 6153753650
Thursday, 05.23.2019 @ 18:25pm
Comment by me on 8556235293
Thursday, 05.23.2019 @ 17:30pm
several scams in this call center schem
claim to be dell ( your sending them reports blah blah)
your due some refund
report the calls to the and fcc
Comment by Anonymous on 8882065330
Thursday, 05.23.2019 @ 17:24pm

This company called me saying that I won free oil changes from a warranty department and when I attempted to ask them what is the name of the company they would only give me a department within the company and then hang up on me and that happened five times it's most likely a scam block the number!
Comment by Lew on 6467510956
Thursday, 05.23.2019 @ 16:40pm
Didn't know the number, didn't answer. They left no message. Suspect scam.
Comment by JO on 8667843367
Thursday, 05.23.2019 @ 16:23pm
I got a call from this number saying my Soc. Security number has been used in a fraudulent manner and they were going to press charges. But if I call they won't.
Comment by VONNIE on 7077062465
Thursday, 05.23.2019 @ 16:09pm
I have received a call from this number several times. No one on the line when I answer.
Comment by Fred on 2105038928
Thursday, 05.23.2019 @ 13:34pm
Said that they were from SSI and my SSI # was being investigated
Comment by Bryce on 1254632874
Thursday, 05.23.2019 @ 13:15pm
Mother fucker yapping about don't use you Apple computer...blah blah bullshit
Comment by Betty on 8442816818
Thursday, 05.23.2019 @ 11:56am
This number was id blocked by my phone. No voice mail was left.
Comment by Ms. J on 3203216010
Thursday, 05.23.2019 @ 11:50am
when I called this number back, they answer the phone Social Security Administration Office. But when you google the number, no association.

Comment by DW on 8163185680
Thursday, 05.23.2019 @ 11:22am
Said she was calling from Farmers Insurance, she is not from Farmers Insurance group
Comment by Annoyed on 6053094241
Thursday, 05.23.2019 @ 11:00am
Caller ID says Suspected Spam. They hung up when it flipped to VM intro.
Comment by Annoyed on 8669575119
Thursday, 05.23.2019 @ 10:50am
whoever it is, calls multiple a day and then hangs when VM recording answers.
Comment by Steve T on 02070846966
Thursday, 05.23.2019 @ 09:47am
Called today No body spoke Scam probably
Comment by Lau on 02039309456
Thursday, 05.23.2019 @ 09:24am
Missed a couple of calls but, no voicemail(s) left - not sure who this is! Reluctant to call them back ...
Comment by dsal on 03330230149
Thursday, 05.23.2019 @ 09:22am
another no id, no msg hangup.
Comment by Rob on 5404048272
Thursday, 05.23.2019 @ 08:30am
This calls several times a day, never ends, never leaves a message, very annoyed senior citizen!!!
Comment by Cliff on 01618502109
Thursday, 05.23.2019 @ 05:36am
No longer respond to these unknown numbers.
Comment by Shelly on 5127138323
Thursday, 05.23.2019 @ 01:58am
Medical insurance. Very rude
Comment by Cherri on 8448811552
Wednesday, 05.22.2019 @ 19:40pm
Left voice mail stating seizing all bank accounts and pay. Have no clue who "they" are as no name is mentioned.
Comment by Annoyed on 7787911264
Wednesday, 05.22.2019 @ 19:20pm
They have rung several times, but have never left a voice message.
Comment by Mike on 8438658308
Wednesday, 05.22.2019 @ 17:52pm
"calling about your medicar heelth enrollmint for your canceer prescreen veesit".

Couldn't tell me who I am, nor who my health care provider was. Completely stammered when questioned, guessing this one is new to the tele-scammer game and won't last long.


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