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Comment by me on 7866541652
Saturday, 02.16.2019 @ 18:14pm
It's a scam!!!!! DO NOT ANSWER!
Comment by embeetee on 0211160000985
Saturday, 02.16.2019 @ 16:39pm
rang my mobile this afternoon. wasn't gonna answer it anyway as I didn't recognise this number but never the less it rang twice then cut the call
Comment by Quick Brown Fox on 3053428524
Saturday, 02.16.2019 @ 16:37pm
This Miami cell number attempted an unlawful contact, but left no message. According to the website the robocaller is one of many area code 305 tech support scammers. AVOID THESE SHYSTERS!
Comment by William on 3212557870
Saturday, 02.16.2019 @ 13:53pm
Left no voice mail, now blocked
Comment by William on 7724181916
Saturday, 02.16.2019 @ 13:52pm
Left no voice mail, now blocked
Comment by Manny on 8664045379
Saturday, 02.16.2019 @ 13:11pm
They play a message saying that you social security number has been suspended due to unusual activity, then they said that you can speak with one of the representatives to resolve the problem.
The most unusual is that they call you also at 5:30 and 6pm and the social security is not open at those hours, also they call on Saturday which is unusual as well.

Comment by J. Rothery on 02892649108
Saturday, 02.16.2019 @ 06:00am
The number rang and asked for me and I said I would give him a message and asked 'who are you' they rang off quickly. When I tried to ring back the line was dead, the original voice had an Indian accent.
Comment by coyota on 7166234017
Saturday, 02.16.2019 @ 05:31am
Had a call
Comment by suzy b on 01414470585
Saturday, 02.16.2019 @ 04:51am
so damn annoying no way to call back to complain.
Comment by Turner on 01865401647
Saturday, 02.16.2019 @ 03:18am
This number phoned me at 8.00 am on a Saturday. The only morning that we were hoping to have a slightly longer sleep.
Comment by ann on 4503003939
Saturday, 02.16.2019 @ 02:08am
Anncalls but no one on the line, or no messages left.
Comment by Max on 8556140180
Saturday, 02.16.2019 @ 01:27am
Called from a cell phone (707-338-4080) belonging to Kevin Muelrath in Petaluma, CA, and left the above number (855-614-0180) for me to call back. They did not give a name as whom they wished to speak, and said they were calling from SPD, SPB, or similar (Consumer Processing). Left a message pretty similar to the other complaints, saying I should call them back or they would have to contact my employer, friends, relatives, etc. They need to be reported to authorities as this is illegal harassment!
Comment by Audrey on 5186201459
Friday, 02.15.2019 @ 17:40pm
Received a recorded call from 518-620-1459 indicating that my Social Security had been compromised and he needed to investicate; said he was an "Officer" of Social Security. I did not listen to complete message and I blocked the number from my phone. Can't these people get a "real" job and stop trying to scam people, especially the elderly with their "scare tactics in order to get personal information from them. Don't they know that Social Security does not contact its people by telephone but rather by correspondence which come by regular mail. I feel sorry for those people who are scared into giving up their personal information to these criminals!!!!!!!!
Comment by john on 8302166071
Friday, 02.15.2019 @ 17:34pm
total rip off dont waste your time or money
Comment by Hank on 7736728059
Friday, 02.15.2019 @ 17:24pm
Didn't know the number, didn't answer. They left no message. Suspect spam.
Comment by Annoyed on 6268866625
Friday, 02.15.2019 @ 16:53pm
Did not bother to leave any messages. Number was detected as a robocall and reports left by individuals online indicate this number is a scam such as asking for credit card information.
Comment by JLA on 6232071351
Friday, 02.15.2019 @ 16:44pm
It was a recording, something about my social security! A fraudulent action against...? Asked me to call back that number. Not going to! Seems like a total scam!
Comment by john on 5096905318
Friday, 02.15.2019 @ 16:30pm
Comment by john on 5092034866
Friday, 02.15.2019 @ 16:25pm
It is a scam. IRS will not just call anybody, they send letters only. Don't even try to call back to scammers.
Comment by Scam Called on 8006439034
Friday, 02.15.2019 @ 16:23pm
Caller said that they were from Bank of America Home Equity Dept had a strong Southern accent (Alabama/Georgia/ etc.) Sounded very non-professional, so I asked how I would know that he was from Bank of America and he answered that " you have my word on that" so I said thank you and hung up. I then called the person at Bank of America whom I have been dealing with and reported the call.
Comment by john on 6824638265
Friday, 02.15.2019 @ 16:16pm
Definitely it is a scam, I got the same message early morning, when everybody was sleeping, except for the people in India.
Comment by Mary on 4703223407
Friday, 02.15.2019 @ 15:01pm
Called my boyfriend asking personal questions about me. Wouldn't say who he was and hung up.
Comment by J Murphy on 8884884157
Friday, 02.15.2019 @ 14:44pm
Voicemail message left advising me to call this number, due to a security flag on something they installed on my computer last year. Unusual in that most of these calls don't leave a VM message. However, I did not have this computer last year. Seems lots of people getting these calls.
Comment by BX on 9512934004
Friday, 02.15.2019 @ 13:47pm
Robo voice left a message indicating to return the call before they begin legal proceedings against you
Comment by Betty on 4073290676
Friday, 02.15.2019 @ 13:02pm
The 6th call just came in, I never answer my phone any long, the ring is silent... What can be done to stop this, I AM on Do Not Call list which is useless.
Comment by JK on 2033508360
Friday, 02.15.2019 @ 12:48pm
4 calls in last 3 days I don't pick up, they don't leave msg
Comment by BG on 6824638265
Friday, 02.15.2019 @ 12:24pm
I have received two calls from this number. I leave it goes to vm and the vm states because there has been no response from me the government has filed a lawsuit against me. Pretty sure this is a scam.
Comment by Daniel on 01268978669
Friday, 02.15.2019 @ 10:50am
Hangs up when i answer, cannot return call
Comment by SHANDA on 5265477966
Friday, 02.15.2019 @ 10:34am
Comment by macaulay on 01617104020
Friday, 02.15.2019 @ 08:31am
rings up at least 4 times a daysometimes silent other times just talks rubbish
Comment by Brian on 01622397379
Friday, 02.15.2019 @ 07:35am
Friday 15/02/2019 11;30
heard office in background then went dead after 4 or so minutes
Comment by Kraken on 8603621006
Friday, 02.15.2019 @ 06:41am
Unintelligible gibberish from SSI when speaking to their Dot-indian staff.
Comment by Annoyed on 8662951576
Thursday, 02.14.2019 @ 17:54pm
Free cash offer robocall scam. Displayed as CTG for Caller ID name.
Comment by Stewart on 01375352839
Thursday, 02.14.2019 @ 17:06pm
Banking scam.
Comment by MARTY on 8666013534
Thursday, 02.14.2019 @ 15:12pm
claims from microsoft and i was due a refund, wanted control of my computer to schedule the refund
Comment by simon on 01616604379
Thursday, 02.14.2019 @ 14:29pm
£ 500 reward for directors name & address
Comment by Domino on 01312088624
Thursday, 02.14.2019 @ 14:02pm
Says am being taken to courthouse by hmrc and to ring back asap but dont answer qhen you do
Comment by CC on 6089499185
Thursday, 02.14.2019 @ 13:54pm
Called never left a VMail
Comment by David on 2451890003
Thursday, 02.14.2019 @ 11:42am
These folks call us regularly, 'Medicare Shipping', trying to get us to allow them to ship back and knee braces.
I have the number blocked with AT&T but calls still come through.
Comment by Tracy on 01656277800
Thursday, 02.14.2019 @ 08:02am
Recruitment - IT company (found my CV online)
Comment by Sunnylake on 4152364848
Thursday, 02.14.2019 @ 07:32am
I had a call hangup no message
Comment by Woody on 01616098199
Thursday, 02.14.2019 @ 06:33am
This number called me alleging they were from Windows investigating suspicious activity on my computer. I asked where they were calling from and the lady (with a strong Asian accent) said 18 Victoria St London. I asked how come she was calling from a Manchester number and she hung up.
Comment by Mandy on 5624533877
Wednesday, 02.13.2019 @ 19:36pm
This # calls me repeatedly but never leaves a message with any info. I e tried researching it to find out who it is but can't seem to get anymore than it's a la clone in LA,well I could have told you that!!
Comment by A on 9712394949
Wednesday, 02.13.2019 @ 18:03pm
Called it back and it said PRC?
Comment by DNMW on 7192572041
Wednesday, 02.13.2019 @ 17:03pm
Called and didn't leave a message.
Comment by Freda Smith on 02038689165
Wednesday, 02.13.2019 @ 14:41pm
I've been called twice someone from this same number in the last 3 hours. Both used my first name, both were obviously peddling some scam or other. The first was a female who sounded as though she might be an English native speaker, the second a bloke with an Asian accent, who didn't get the chance to finish his first sentence before I told him to **** off.
Comment by Kay on 2125467865
Wednesday, 02.13.2019 @ 14:32pm
This number called with a "Grandparents Scam" stating it was granddaughter who has been arrested in New York. Then a "Sargent" calls back from a "Private Caller" number asking questions "what is granddaughters name", ect.
Comment by tired of scams on 2053030605
Wednesday, 02.13.2019 @ 13:01pm
was just wondering who/what this is. No message left.
Comment by Bob on 2027695364
Wednesday, 02.13.2019 @ 12:19pm
Received a message from above telephone number saying there was fraudulent activity n my social security number
Comment by Fordy on 02081444469
Wednesday, 02.13.2019 @ 12:03pm
saw this number as advertised a number for facebook - called it as need help - they said a technican will call me tomorrow but I am sceptical and worried is a scam number - any one know more about this?


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