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Comment by beth on 8324661889
Saturday, 08.18.2018 @ 12:17pm
fake and broke dont answer
Comment by John on 8444822168
Saturday, 08.18.2018 @ 11:24am
This is a company trying to collect on ancient debts that have for the most part been written off and are way past the limitation for anyone in Canada or the US to collect legally. They could be breaking the law to try and collect on debts that have been written off. They are parasites, The rule of thumb: DON'T TALK TO THEM ABOUT ANYTHING AND NEVER RETURN THEIR CALLS. Better still enter their number(s) in "Calls Blacklist" or "Mr Number" ,These are apps you can download to block certain numbers or people from calling you on your phone. They work great. They cannot place these debts in any credit reporting agency and if they try do so you can sue them. Don't worry about them, they will eventually go away and try to find some other sucker to believe their lies and B.S. There are Statutes of Limitation in Canada and the US where the creditor is allowed to collect on bad debts. Beyond that there is nothing they can do. The Statute of Limitations basically allows the debtor to get a fresh start without having to go bankrupt. By the way, there have been many debt collection agencies that have gone bankrupt and stuck others with their bills.
Comment by TWIN100 on 4094893811
Saturday, 08.18.2018 @ 10:59am
This number belongs to Donald Dthree Thomas III
Comment by Eric on 18775807750
Saturday, 08.18.2018 @ 01:53am
They sold me a vehicle warrantee!? Damn!
Comment by Terry on 4022655635
Friday, 08.17.2018 @ 20:46pm
This number has called once or twice a day for the past 3 days. No message left. Caller ID shows caller as KWN
Comment by Bob on 7205498076
Friday, 08.17.2018 @ 19:12pm
Calls, leaves no message. Hangs up if you answer.
Comment by me on 9362987019
Friday, 08.17.2018 @ 17:37pm
did not recognize, did not answer. caller left no voicemail.
Comment by Shayal on 094427382
Friday, 08.17.2018 @ 16:21pm
Is this number dangerous
Comment by thomas on 8663356181
Friday, 08.17.2018 @ 15:06pm
I 866_3356_181 facebok scam
Comment by Lee on 5123330841
Friday, 08.17.2018 @ 12:31pm
I have received this call several times also with a voice mail about a survey being left & asking me to return the call. I finally answered. He claimed, with a heavy Indian sounding accent, that he "Was with the TX Dept. Of State Health Services, (DSHS) & would I be willing to complete a survey. He asked if I would do a survey or could he call back at a more convenient time. I asked where he was calling from, & again he said "DSHS." I informed him "There is no such thing as the DSHS department as they merged with another state department approximately 2 years ago. I know this because I work for the State of Texas & am at my job right now while on this call." (I do truly work for the State of Texas & worked for DSHS when they merged with HHSC & I still do.) All he could say was "Oh". Do not answer any of their questions. I didn't even give him the opportunity to ask anything.
Comment by S†eve on 5309996679
Friday, 08.17.2018 @ 00:01am
I get 4 or 5 calls from this number everyday on my cell. Had to install a call blocker it helps but they still call.
Comment by PJ Capri on 3608898023
Thursday, 08.16.2018 @ 18:08pm
Robocall scam: "Lawsuit has been filed against me for fraud, blah, blah, blah. Call this number... " I didn't/won't. Assholes
Comment by Kim on 5404460157
Thursday, 08.16.2018 @ 17:17pm
Its time to block this number
Comment by sc on 8055869677
Thursday, 08.16.2018 @ 16:39pm
left me a vm to call back right away. i did call back knowing it was a scam to hear their pitch and let them know i will report to police. hung up and blocked me from calling back. bad people trying to steal money. report to authorities. call comes from 805 number but person on other end english as second language and very thick accent-likely not even calling from US. said they worked for microsoft. wanted to get remote access to computer to help request "refund"
Comment by Tom on 8559991735
Thursday, 08.16.2018 @ 16:37pm
This num is a computer repair SCAM.Do not deal with them.
Comment by db23 on 5137250945
Thursday, 08.16.2018 @ 16:10pm
they have called 18 times since 08/07/18- complaint filed
Comment by Myles on 4152200100
Thursday, 08.16.2018 @ 16:02pm
Could not understand clearly(East Indian accent) but I think they were calling from human resources dept. of the IRS. I just hung up.
Comment by alice on 8442104999
Thursday, 08.16.2018 @ 15:56pm
so far two phone calls - irs is going to arrest me in 48 hrs.
Comment by Xxxx on 03301070135
Thursday, 08.16.2018 @ 15:31pm
Called but left no answer
Comment by Quick Brown Fox on 3106515125
Thursday, 08.16.2018 @ 15:22pm
Another unwanted call from this Beverly Hills number was received in violation of the Do Not Call law, just 1 week since the last unlawful call on Aug. 9. Once again, when the answering machine picked up, there was dead silence -- the calling card of robocallers (unlawful telemaarketers) who shamelessly prey on the public.

This predator has been flagged as a scam contractor (probably unlicensed), who operates under a slew of fictitious names, probably no more real than the contractor's license. Avoid this shyster!
Comment by Pat on 3156334120
Thursday, 08.16.2018 @ 15:22pm
Calls and threatens my arrest on voicemail. Got one yesterday from Washington state.....same message.
Comment by anne on 2606455519
Thursday, 08.16.2018 @ 14:54pm
called today - didn't leave a message
Comment by Bailey on 5202101404
Thursday, 08.16.2018 @ 14:46pm
More puppies for sale:

This is their "business", they cut corners to make a little cash off these poor dogs. These dogs never see proper licensed vet care. $600 each? These aren't rehoming fees, this is thousands of dollars of cash they keep under the table.

Ask what dog food they are started on, chris uses the cheapest crap available.

Be warned...
Comment by Paula on 8004441038
Thursday, 08.16.2018 @ 14:27pm
Its a scammer. Saying they got a call from medicare that I needed a back brace or a knee brace. Not true.
Comment by FBI FRAUD on 9173384927
Thursday, 08.16.2018 @ 13:32pm
Comment by Gwen on 8667144048
Thursday, 08.16.2018 @ 11:35am
This number has called my cellphone several times. I do not answer and they do not leave a message.
Comment by lablady on 5172524065
Thursday, 08.16.2018 @ 11:30am
This number call both my husband's and my cell phone at the same time. left no message.
Comment by Leon on 4407872497
Thursday, 08.16.2018 @ 09:34am
Calls but never leaves a message. Possibly telemarketer.
Comment by Peter on 01618367979
Thursday, 08.16.2018 @ 09:17am
16/08/2018 13:45hrs

cut off after 4 rings
Comment by sarah on 01256224020
Thursday, 08.16.2018 @ 05:30am
picked up. no one speaks... leaves empty voicemail. 01256 is basingstoke???
Comment by Eric on 0327867029
Thursday, 08.16.2018 @ 02:36am
I want to know what company is calling me just now while no leaving any message.
Comment by Kat on 6122950010
Thursday, 08.16.2018 @ 02:01am
This number and ones a digit different have called numerous times
No message
Comment by Jbird on 9362500447
Wednesday, 08.15.2018 @ 21:16pm
Said that IRS is suing me. Just a hateful call. Like the IRS would call... NOT!
Comment by tired of scams on 3126545721
Wednesday, 08.15.2018 @ 18:28pm
no idea, but they called twice.
Comment by Quick Brown Fox on 8185143638
Wednesday, 08.15.2018 @ 17:45pm
An unwanted call from this Reseda VOIP number was received in violation of the Do Not Call law. When the answering machine picked up, a woman's recorded voice touted home energy savings. The same recorded message has also arrived from (805) 427-9078 and (805) 749-0718. Folks, this is a nationwide scam designed to transfer funds from the wallets of its victims to those of its perpetrators. Avoid these shysters!
Comment by Mike on 2178834284
Wednesday, 08.15.2018 @ 17:29pm
Robo caller using bad English, trying to threaten me about some "serious matter."
I hate that this scam works well enough to apparently keep these assholes in business.
Comment by Quick Brown Fox on 2866240964
Wednesday, 08.15.2018 @ 16:23pm
An unwanted call from this invalid (spoofed) number was received in violation of the Do Not Call law. When the answering machine picked up, there was dead silence -- a strong sign of robocallers (unlawful telemarketers) who shamelessly prey on the public.

Area code 286 does not exist. Criminals use spoofing to scam the public while covering their tracks. Avoid!
Comment by Pearl on 5034007786
Wednesday, 08.15.2018 @ 15:18pm
Very nasty people, immediately went into a diatribe about taking me to court! Far outside of statues of limitation however.
Screaming, followed by a hangup! Shows what kind of place this actually is!!
Comment by Joann on 6105005036
Wednesday, 08.15.2018 @ 14:38pm
They are saying i have a warrant for my arrest. Is this a scam
Comment by Jayne on 02030569731
Wednesday, 08.15.2018 @ 14:23pm
Scam, rings asks if you are (your name) then cuts off with a bad line. Very persistent but won’t ekaborate on who they are or the purpose of the calls
Comment by bernie on 01442894510
Wednesday, 08.15.2018 @ 13:46pm
allpied for loan day before which was refused. Pretty sure it's money lending related.
Comment by Quick Brown Fox on 8053224544
Wednesday, 08.15.2018 @ 13:35pm
An unwanted call from this Camarillo VOIP number was received in violation of the Do Not Call law. When the answering machine picked up, there was dead silence -- a strong sign of robocallers (unlawful telemarketers) who shamelessly prey on the public.

This predator has been flagged as a fake charity -- one of many. Avoid this shyster!
Comment by Ginger on 9196062683
Wednesday, 08.15.2018 @ 13:24pm
Did not recognize this number so I did not answer it. No voicemail left. Got a call from a similar phone number yesterday. Blocked both numbers.
Comment by ROSE on 2402322246
Wednesday, 08.15.2018 @ 09:01am
Threatening call ckaiming to be IRS
Comment by p on 07451212381
Wednesday, 08.15.2018 @ 08:03am
Contacted me about gumtree purchase but have my doubts its legitimate
Comment by Kathryn on 01618831386
Wednesday, 08.15.2018 @ 07:32am
Ruddy Personal Injury claims site - Been pestering mobile for weeks. Now started on home number. Have instructed them to stop and reported to Telephone Preference Service
Comment by TamMac on 6616093304
Wednesday, 08.15.2018 @ 00:49am
This is my number and somehow got spoofed. I do not know how the 'bad people' got ahold of it. Please block it on your phone, as not to be bothered. I apologize.
Comment by Stan on 6572826354
Tuesday, 08.14.2018 @ 21:02pm
Call come from UCI
Comment by Robert on 8556835477
Tuesday, 08.14.2018 @ 18:08pm
My ATT/Direct TV expires this month. Got a text saying my bill would be cut in half if I got a MONEYPAK scratch card for $300 and payed ($300) up front in the next 24 hours to cover 5 months I would get HBO Showtime, Stars and Nfl for next 2 years included with my cable and internet for only $60 a month. Think this might be a scam?
Comment by Annoyed on 07944862710
Tuesday, 08.14.2018 @ 17:18pm
Sends texts pretending to be someone you know. AVOID. Do not open any mms or links they try to send. It is probably malware.


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