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Comment by Obedient Christian on 2100870223
Saturday, 04.4.2020 @ 19:41pm
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Comment by warning on 3603875656
Saturday, 04.4.2020 @ 12:28pm
block this nasty loser
Comment by Vince on 6145609388
Thursday, 04.2.2020 @ 19:18pm
Texted a message claiming to be Oral-B, saying they would like me to advertise their brand for $500 a week. Haven't clicked on any links
Comment by JUDY on 9044792772
Wednesday, 04.1.2020 @ 13:48pm
sent me a text with a link for a phone tracking app... wtf?
Comment by Dee on 8102018125
Wednesday, 04.1.2020 @ 10:21am
Calls leaves no message going to block
Comment by Maddas L. on 5122008905
Tuesday, 03.31.2020 @ 18:26pm
This AH calls all the time, always unsolicited, always with name masked from CID. I have filed a complaint with FTC and yet they persist in calling. My next complaint will be to the Texas Attorney General office. This caller is in violation of the National Do Not Call registry and the Federal Telecommunications Act.
Comment by Michelle on 7138354636
Tuesday, 03.31.2020 @ 15:40pm
scam and rip off
Comment by Ashley on 2028381038
Tuesday, 03.31.2020 @ 15:37pm
Bad service
Comment by Ernesto on 8326542956
Tuesday, 03.31.2020 @ 14:03pm
Do not answer this caller
Comment by Angelina on 4244274666
Tuesday, 03.31.2020 @ 09:06am
thief do not call
Comment by Aurora on 5038680550
Monday, 03.30.2020 @ 19:10pm
Total rip off. Scam
Comment by melissa on 7133896231
Monday, 03.30.2020 @ 19:07pm
do not waste your time or money
Comment by Michael Smith on 01912662215
Monday, 03.30.2020 @ 18:24pm
Keep getting calls from this number when i pick up nobody seems to speak
Comment by Runa on 3476730355
Monday, 03.30.2020 @ 17:16pm
Caller has called three times over 5 days. Never leaves message. Am not picking up.
Comment by Richard on 7273259927
Monday, 03.30.2020 @ 13:01pm
Left a V.M. that they were AT&T Direct TV and that my bill was eligible for half off. Didn't believe the message but decided to call back. Called back a week later but number is always busy. Says it's a cell number.
Comment by AnnB on 8764202702
Monday, 03.30.2020 @ 09:33am
Will start calling, leaves no message, and rings my phone 10 or 12 consecutive times at various times of the day, to the point that I have to leave my phone off the hook to keep my sanity. I would change my number, but the last time I did that several years ago, I got all the bill collector calls from the previous owner of my number. You would think a phone company would not immediately re-issue an abused number to the next poor victim, but they do.
Comment by Mondy on 3146811986
Sunday, 03.29.2020 @ 19:55pm
Total and complete scam. Block
Comment by Anna on 5403855250
Sunday, 03.29.2020 @ 11:00am
total rip off and rushed
Comment by Wissam on 9738866139
Sunday, 03.29.2020 @ 10:52am
avoid this person at all cost
Comment by Bruce on 3148195275
Saturday, 03.28.2020 @ 12:05pm
No answer when called back
Comment by greg on 5597469330
Saturday, 03.28.2020 @ 11:42am
block these scammers
Comment by joseph on 5613097602
Saturday, 03.28.2020 @ 10:09am
avoid this scammer
Comment by Bothered on 6022941650
Friday, 03.27.2020 @ 17:48pm
Calls with ID number: City of. No message. Annoying all day. We have address and have turned in to FCC
Comment by Jodi on 6035462034
Friday, 03.27.2020 @ 14:15pm
Caller ID says Kiran Vedere. From this number we have received constant unwanted calls with no interaction with the exception of today when the person just said, "Bye".
Comment by No Name on 5126689304
Friday, 03.27.2020 @ 13:32pm
I received a last delivery attempt card with this number to call to re-schedule. The person who answers identified her business as UPS. However, it does not sound like a UPS contractor.
Comment by Jan on 3056287847
Friday, 03.27.2020 @ 12:22pm
left no message
Comment by Zebedee on 03450757060
Friday, 03.27.2020 @ 05:36am
Having ignored three incoming calls [One call per day over three days] from an unfamiliar number, it transpired that Barclays Bank had been clever enough to provide support for those who actually answer unfamiliar incoming calls!

Phone number checker | Barclays

It's safe to call this number.

Top tip
Fraudsters can 'spoof' phone numbers, this means they make it look like they're calling you from one of our numbers. If you receive a call and you're not totally sure it's from us, end the call and ring us back instead . You can use the number on the back of your Barclays debit card or any other number that our checker confirms is safe to call.

So, an incoming call which declares any phone number might not actually be coming from the declared phone!

Isn't modern technology wonderful?

By the way, Google reported finding *two* webpages which published information about this number [26-3-2020]. However, other search engines are available! Qwant reported 33 matches, including a few websites which had two webpages which carried matches for the phone number.
Comment by MJ on 9389999928
Thursday, 03.26.2020 @ 17:17pm
It originates from Alabama.
Comment by sp on 2035251338
Thursday, 03.26.2020 @ 16:06pm
Got a text message from this caller today. Knew my name and asked how i was doing? Not sure how or why. But i blocked the call.
Comment by Dean on 6153151024
Thursday, 03.26.2020 @ 11:36am
Do not respond
Comment by SALLY on 02085008088
Thursday, 03.26.2020 @ 10:01am
Comment by jon on 2816450506
Wednesday, 03.25.2020 @ 11:10am
this is a scammer block
Comment by j on 6413527309
Tuesday, 03.24.2020 @ 11:39am
This is someone posing as a Social Security Advisor. This is an attempt to gain your personal information. This person is not associated with SS.
Comment by Wyn on 9379993205
Tuesday, 03.24.2020 @ 06:22am
Called at 1:30 AM. #%@#%^!!
Comment by Laurie on 2625217050
Monday, 03.23.2020 @ 12:44pm
Did leave message!!! Called back. Kinex Medical. Might be legit for me. Supplier of medical equipment, like continuous passive motion equipment. I'm scheduled for a knee replacement and will need this eqt. Called back. Legit.
Comment by LM on 03007906015
Saturday, 03.21.2020 @ 02:14am
It's the TV licensing number
Comment by Don on 8889700586
Friday, 03.20.2020 @ 14:52pm
Important message from the Department of Social Security Administration the reason you have received this phone call from our department is to inform you that there are legal enforcement catchin filed against you and your Social Security number has been suspected for fraudulent activities so once you get this message kindly call us back as soon as possible on our number before we begin with the legal proceedings against you that is 888-970-0586 I repeat 888-970-0586 thank you.
Comment by DON on 9014952195
Wednesday, 03.18.2020 @ 21:19pm
Comment by Kelly on 8042031456
Tuesday, 03.17.2020 @ 09:35am
This person continues to call my number everyday for a while then it stops and picks back up. The call is coming from the Petersburg area of Virginia or South Chesterfield County. I won't answer the call, because I do not know anybody in the area, and this is most likely a very nasty scam.
Comment by Kelly on 8042031456
Tuesday, 03.17.2020 @ 09:35am
This person continues to call my number everyday for a while then it stops and picks back up. The call is coming from the Petersburg area of Virginia or South Chesterfield County. I won't answer the call, because I do not know anybody in the area, and this is most likely a very nasty scam.
Comment by Judy on 5889387106
Monday, 03.16.2020 @ 21:22pm
message says: created a group in Verizon Message+ with you and 7 other participants. Reply to chat or #help for tool tips. Adding this contact card to your contacts will help you identify the group profile. Has an attachment "Part0" that I did not open. No idea who or what it is!
Comment by Marty on 8008711929
Monday, 03.16.2020 @ 16:18pm
I also received a call from this number. If someone calls me and doesn't want to leave a message, I will never know if they were important or not so I am assuming they are scammers just wanting to try and steal my hardearned money.
Comment by Jacqui on 07539496155
Monday, 03.16.2020 @ 08:25am
Called me today saying he had found my CV online. I haven't got my CV online. When I said it was illegal to call call he was quite ignorant. I hung up He then text me to say he was blacklisting me. Whoppee, maybe this a**hole wont call again
Comment by John on 01236884557
Monday, 03.16.2020 @ 05:13am
Comment by Mark on 3238793899
Saturday, 03.14.2020 @ 17:13pm
Attempted to send a txt message according to my carrier logs, but never received any on my phone
Comment by Teri S. on 8656227280
Saturday, 03.14.2020 @ 17:03pm
They wanted a platter of information from me. 3id'sccs, ss, etc,i hung up on them
Comment by Linda T on 01687936483
Saturday, 03.14.2020 @ 12:14pm
Supposedly from Amazon but really a scam.
Comment by Richard on 6573646625
Friday, 03.13.2020 @ 22:32pm
Received a text message: Thanks ________(my name) for paying your phone bill on time for 10 years! You are qualified far a platinum membership (with a link) iPhone 11 reward included

"The phone company I use doesn't have a platinum membership"
Comment by Telescammer Trakker on 7072781159
Friday, 03.13.2020 @ 19:38pm
White lady's voice asked for "Christina somebody". No one had my cell number from area code 707, so I knew it was a scam call of some type. And thanks to these websites the calling number has shown up as a bad call of some type.
Comment by Pissedoff on 3122328257
Friday, 03.13.2020 @ 17:39pm
Getting spam calls from 915 area code every minute referring to the 315 number


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