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Comment by Eddie on 00911204812100
Saturday, 03.24.2018 @ 03:00am
Called message left
Comment by D on 8052572785
Saturday, 03.24.2018 @ 02:14am
Has called a few times - I let machine take it - they ask for me by first name, wait a few seconds, then hang up.
Comment by Jen on 6312011740
Saturday, 03.24.2018 @ 01:03am
They leave no message. You can stop them from calling you by going into the information section of your call, and choose block caller. By doing this, you will no longer receive their calls.
Comment by lina on 3125366893
Friday, 03.23.2018 @ 21:09pm
avoid this pervert at all costs
Comment by John on 7862559367
Friday, 03.23.2018 @ 19:02pm
I've received 6 calls from this number within the past 24 hrs. Now on my blocked list
Comment by Ev on 5095367746
Friday, 03.23.2018 @ 17:56pm
Valid, wonderful fiber shop. Called, left message, answered when I returned the call. Definitely NOT spam.
Comment by Julie on 8445215973
Friday, 03.23.2018 @ 17:29pm
left me voice mail with a live voice. They called me by name and said they were from MS IT Dept. and needed me to call back to this number. MS does not have my name or number. Sham. Do not call them back.

This is a sham to get on your computer and have to pay money to "fix" it. They will mess up your computer. hang up on them and do not call them back.
Comment by Molie on 5733424042
Friday, 03.23.2018 @ 15:43pm
This number called me, I answered and they hung up.. tired of all these pointless ppl calling my phone from God n everywhere..plz efn stop!
Comment by general on 5207294416
Friday, 03.23.2018 @ 15:11pm
A message was left stating I WON $25,000!! Scam
Comment by Tony D on 13058947401
Friday, 03.23.2018 @ 15:08pm
They told me i bought virus software from them and it needs to be updated

But they did not have my security code sooooo...
Comment by Jerry G on 01332517990
Friday, 03.23.2018 @ 14:23pm
This number has called me several times a day for the last few days, if I answer they say nothing and hang up. I would love to be able to block these calls.
Comment by KOSI 101.1 on 7204143434
Friday, 03.23.2018 @ 14:11pm
Yes, this is a call from a marketing company KOSI 101.1 hired to let people know about our new contest where you can win $1,000 just for listening for your name on the radio. We’ve had over 100 winners so far from the Denver area. We understand this can be annoying to some people, so if you would like your name removed, please go to our website,, then click on the contact us link and send us a note. We’re sorry for the inconvenience.
Comment by Diana Brenner on 4806481231
Friday, 03.23.2018 @ 14:09pm
This number has called me multiple times. If I answer the caller hangs up. This is annoying.
Comment by Arthur on 0443451128876
Friday, 03.23.2018 @ 13:53pm
No voicemail left Friday 23/3/2018 @ 17/43
Comment by IH8Scammers on 4708543266
Friday, 03.23.2018 @ 13:40pm
No message, just another nuisance caller who belongs in jail
Comment by R Cooper on 01709376779
Friday, 03.23.2018 @ 12:58pm
Not present when 'phoned. The caller did not leave a message on my answer 'phone.
Comment by Karma on 2166476014
Friday, 03.23.2018 @ 10:58am
The number belongs to Dana imbordino. A well-known wore out Cleveland area prostitute. Has a criminal record in and out of jail yearly for drugs prostitution theft identity theft aggravated assault probation violation and child endangerment... is a drug loving Junkie... gave up its kids for prostitution and drugs.
Comment by Jack on 01534282300
Friday, 03.23.2018 @ 10:58am
got charged £20 for a call i know nothing about.
Comment by John on 4073921654
Friday, 03.23.2018 @ 10:38am
Drug plan, they call whenever I don't refill my lisinopril.
Comment by Receptionist on 7706285163
Friday, 03.23.2018 @ 09:40am
Caller said they were calling on behalf of Georgia Power and wanted to ask a few questions. I let the caller know that I do not give out information over the phone, please send questionnaire to my address with a self addressed stamped return envelope and I will be happy to answer the questionnaire.

The caller hung up.
Comment by DEM on 8129616543
Friday, 03.23.2018 @ 09:31am
Received a scam letter from Gabriel Williams with GB Professional Inc., regarding an unrelated deceased person sharing my last name and an unclaimed $2.8M insurance settlement. Generic email, Fax and telephone contact information using this number.

Yet another email scam. It IS too good to be true...

Comment by Doug on 7089678304
Friday, 03.23.2018 @ 08:38am
This number appears to be a scammer trying to get $ for tax fraud that I supposedly committed. The message said that "they have tried numerous times in the last 6 months to contact me about my family purposefully attempting to defraud the government and there is now a warrant for my arrest." Unfortunately for the scammer, nobody has tried to call me in the last 6 months concerning taxes. The government does not call about tax errors. They send a letter. These guys are another lazy, worthless, scum-of-the-earth loser that needs to get a real job.
Comment by Anon on 01229808464
Friday, 03.23.2018 @ 07:27am
I ignored call and they left a message. It was from CaterKwik an online shop selling catering equipment I made a purchase from. Message was to let me know when my order would be delivered.
Comment by butter on 12064299176
Friday, 03.23.2018 @ 06:44am
This is a number from Microsoft Office 365 support. I just heard the voicemail...
Comment by Gillian on 0014846614871
Friday, 03.23.2018 @ 06:15am
Had several calls from this number, nobody ever speaks. This is so annoying, tried to block it with BT Call Protect but they do not recognize it as a proper phone number.
Comment by Dick on 04530112513
Friday, 03.23.2018 @ 06:06am
Caller purported to be from Microsoft about my computer
Comment by Lee Johnson on 02038075865
Friday, 03.23.2018 @ 04:24am
left message as Office Lisa Hayles of HMRC
Comment by drm on 02032865564
Friday, 03.23.2018 @ 04:19am
Called 7:45am. when answered no-one there.
Comment by Chris on 7049052242
Friday, 03.23.2018 @ 01:02am
Comment by Notme on 8558038369
Thursday, 03.22.2018 @ 22:54pm
Whomever this Nathan is from whatever type of delivery service of legal documents to you had now swirtched to calling via unknown numbers and leaving voicemails to call 855-803-8369. Calls are mid afternoon and very annoying especially as he chooses to call late in the workday. After thinking this was a business call politely asked him not to call me again, blocked number from my phone and registered with done call registry. 2nd call today came from unknown caller and didn't answer so left a voice mail transcribed message same speil as voice call. Have reported to DNRegistry as can no longer block calls. This company uses a legal name I have not had in over 16 years
This is a scam using fear as a sales tactic. Don't waste your time calling. Report to the FTC Do not call registry and block from your phone. If they
Comment by Cecilia on 7859151769
Thursday, 03.22.2018 @ 20:58pm
I am sure his was a scam call. They called my cell and I answered. It was a recording that mentioned about money I owed on my taxes and if I didn't call back I would be persecuted. I heard in the news that For this to be real I would get a letter from the IRS in which I haven't. I hung up and blocked the number.
Comment by Deb on 6155775210
Thursday, 03.22.2018 @ 18:38pm
Called 3 times right in a row didn't leave a message.
Comment by Marti on 3032187147
Thursday, 03.22.2018 @ 18:32pm
They ask if you can here them.....say 'no.' They are trying to record your voice.
Comment by Harassed on 6093103228
Thursday, 03.22.2018 @ 17:26pm
Called didn't answer no voicemail under 2 seconds of a lol background noise my father just suddenly died and if we keep getting bullied n harassed by scam artists we will be pressing charges and suing u n u will be in jail for life
Comment by Noname on 5856331180
Thursday, 03.22.2018 @ 16:33pm
They left 3 vc mail msgs threatening me to call and that i have 4 charges pending and the local cops would be arresting me. Those words exactly
Comment by En on 8443350023
Thursday, 03.22.2018 @ 16:30pm
Called my brother in law ... Left a message about a potential law suit ... Brother in law said that it sounded strange ... Have no idea how he got his number or how he thinks we are in anyway connected ...
Comment by judith on 8663682344
Thursday, 03.22.2018 @ 16:11pm
BIG RED MESSAGE popped up on my computer - "Warning from Google, computer had been compromised, freeze all bank accounts and call this number immediately." Did not call, could not clear message, went into programs and found something called "Help Me" had been downloaded within minutes. Removed the "Help Me" program, shut computer down, refired, appears to be OK. Did not get a phone call, but number I was to call was 866-368-2344.
Comment by Quick Brown Fox on 8186179568
Thursday, 03.22.2018 @ 15:59pm
An unwanted call from this Granada Hills VOIP number arrived today. When the answering machine picked up, there was dead silence -- a strong sign of robocallers (unlawful telemarketers) who shamelessly prey on the public.

The perpetrator has been flagged as a scam contractor. The website describes this number as "scam or fraud." Case closed!
Comment by Quick Brown Fox on 8052965342
Thursday, 03.22.2018 @ 14:57pm
An unwanted call from this Santa Clarita VOIP number arrived today. When the answering machine picked up, there was dead silence -- a strong sign of robocallers (unlawful telemarketers) who shamelessly prey on the public.

The predator has been flagged as a scam HVAC contractor. The website www, describes this number as "scam or fraud." Case closed!
Comment by Kent on 2402307458
Thursday, 03.22.2018 @ 14:53pm
They said I had a warrant for taxes I messed with them for awhile and then told them I knew it was a scam and he hung up on me. I called him back and he told me if I called back he would kill me. I called him around 8 times argued each time... told him to get a real job and he told me he has a good job stealing money from us and continued to threaten my life so I countinued to mess with him and he hung up one last time and now the phone # does not work... low life's that don't know how to earn an honest $$
Comment by I hate scammers on 4074390080
Thursday, 03.22.2018 @ 13:35pm
These scammers are selling extended car warranties. Told the first caller that my 2017 Honda has 13,000 miles on it and I purchased a Honda extended warranty when I bought the car. They keep calling and my call protector monitors activity on report websites and now labels the call as POTENTIAL FRAUD. Phone never rings with protector just a bubble with number and potential fraud on my screen
Comment by Lin on 2088030270
Thursday, 03.22.2018 @ 12:41pm
Both cordless phones in my home rang 5 times separately with this one phone call(odd), caller ID read Out Of Area.
Did NOT leave any message. Another search identified the number location as Boise, Idaho.
10:21 AM/ March 22
Comment by Quick Brown Fox on 2137847061
Thursday, 03.22.2018 @ 12:35pm
An unwanted call from this Los Angeles VOIP number arrived today. When the answering machine picked up, there was dead silence -- a strong sign of robocallers (unlawful telemarketers) who shamelessly prey on the public. Predators like this are why you should LET YOUR ANSWERING MACHINE TAKE THEIR PATHETIC CALLS.
Comment by Charlie on 01312208467
Thursday, 03.22.2018 @ 11:28am
This number is for Working Links a DWP "workclub" at the end of Queen Street
Comment by Pham on 3476202998
Thursday, 03.22.2018 @ 11:20am
I called back and got a recording that it was disconnected. Beware...
Comment by Tom on 3155386048
Thursday, 03.22.2018 @ 11:18am
Calls and says legal action is being taken against me. I don't get it. What do these people hope to gain? Turned it into the mobile service and the FTC.
Comment by Rob on 5026320661
Thursday, 03.22.2018 @ 10:42am
Called twice no message left. I blocked it
Comment by Douglas Hughes on 3125853610
Thursday, 03.22.2018 @ 10:22am
This number called at 11 pm. It sounded like a fax.
Comment by Alexandria on 3252004624
Thursday, 03.22.2018 @ 09:56am
This number is calling almost everyone in my family to inform them that I have a legal action pending and will be jail if I don't contact them. they will ask for personal information

Comment by C q on 02081563072
Thursday, 03.22.2018 @ 06:54am
Call centre background noise.....then cut out off.


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