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Comment by Anonymouse on 8555737353
Tuesday, 07.17.2018 @ 23:38pm
Leaves message saying they are from Allied Insurance and that I need to call back to renew my auto policy and message is time sensitive. No such policy exists. Originating number for missed call is also 855-573-7353.
Comment by Lori on 8142405608
Tuesday, 07.17.2018 @ 22:45pm
Called and left no message.
Comment by SARAH ross on 9106703040
Tuesday, 07.17.2018 @ 20:51pm
A back bage prostitute. Check your husband girl
Comment by Karen Stearns on 18005669780
Tuesday, 07.17.2018 @ 18:56pm
Dosen't leave a message on my answering machine
Comment by Jodie on 6785442836
Tuesday, 07.17.2018 @ 18:30pm
Comment by Tara Mims on 8048590509
Tuesday, 07.17.2018 @ 14:51pm
Scam caller
Comment by Kristin on 7147911667
Tuesday, 07.17.2018 @ 13:46pm
received a voicemail message on my cell phone that said an arrest warrant was released on my name...don't know what it is but I have a letter from the IRS that proves I have no unresolved debt with them as I paid it off last year in full AND I spent the last year paying off any old debts so my only resolve based on the fact that other people have gotten the same automated message is that this is spam??
Comment by aws on 8003135065
Tuesday, 07.17.2018 @ 13:43pm
They left 1 sec voicemail of silence.
Comment by David on 7818502898
Tuesday, 07.17.2018 @ 13:29pm
Something about lowering your utility bill. I smell SCAM written all over this. When you try to call the number back, you get an operator saying it cannot be reached.
Comment by Lechu on 03302234653
Tuesday, 07.17.2018 @ 12:53pm




Every-loan. co . uk
Comment by Quick Brown Fox on 8054671511
Tuesday, 07.17.2018 @ 12:49pm
An unwanted call from this San Miguel CA VOIP number was received in violation of the Do Not Call law. When the answering machine picked up, a woman's recorded voice touted home energy savings. The same recorded message has also been received from (805) 427-9078, (805) 749-0718, and (805) 769-4266.

This is obviously a widespread home energy scam. Avoid these shysters!
Comment by CJ on 6572891903
Tuesday, 07.17.2018 @ 12:34pm
They call and do not leave any message!!
Comment by Kathy Johnson on 8552227149
Tuesday, 07.17.2018 @ 11:27am
this sounds like a scam trying to deliver documents..dont answer
Comment by AC on 5409973103
Tuesday, 07.17.2018 @ 11:26am
“My name hello my name is Katherine Reese, I’m sorry you are not available today and this message is in regards to a complaint notice to your attention please immediately contact 844-294-0074 again the number is 844-294-0074 that your address or contact information after a service called a chance I am required to direct further attempts to your HR payroll department on file…”

No idea what she’s talking about. Phishing scam
Comment by Laura on 8773240516
Tuesday, 07.17.2018 @ 11:25am
We got a call for our business from "Richard" with Southern California Edison's disconnection department (our local electricity provider) saying that that we were scheduled for a disconnection due to lack of payment. Fortunately this isn't the first time we've gotten this call and we know that it's a scam. If it's the same group of people, they were based out of Jamaica and were having people pay them money to avoid a false energy disconnection. Do NOT fall for this! Look up your local energy provider and contact them directly and don't call this number back and give them money.
Comment by wilf on 01158965885
Tuesday, 07.17.2018 @ 10:47am
Hung up after I picked up..
Comment by molly on 3132849162
Tuesday, 07.17.2018 @ 09:43am
I have received many calls with many different numbers and many different area codes.

It always has UBCF and then the number.

They left a message one time: stating this was the IRS. If we didn't call back we would be arrested.

I can not find anything out about this. Numbers: 313-284-9182 616-369-0307 215-709-1150
Comment by mister angry on 03302231099
Tuesday, 07.17.2018 @ 09:33am
Free MSG: 'Thank you for subscribing to fitguru for £3.00 per 1 week from Taptronic until you text STOP to 64055. HELP? 03302231099'

SCAM reported to PSA and mobile operator
Comment by alan king on 03331368461
Tuesday, 07.17.2018 @ 05:17am
What's the point of if one year on and you still cannot tell who this number belongs to?
Comment by John on 07739047207
Tuesday, 07.17.2018 @ 03:56am
Received a text saying I had won £493000 in a Samsung UK/MALAYSIA promo draw - to validate I had to send an email to an anonymous address.
Comment by Lauren on 4408135880
Tuesday, 07.17.2018 @ 01:59am
Calls nonstop, late, total creeper, druggie, stalker.
Comment by Cole on 4087589322
Monday, 07.16.2018 @ 23:28pm
This number has called several times and never lets it ring long enough for me to pick it up, nor do they ever leave a voice mail. If it looks like a duck, walks like a duck, and quacks like a duck, Occam's Razor states that the simplest solution tends to be the correct solution. Spamming!!
Comment by Marland on 8448325960
Monday, 07.16.2018 @ 22:24pm
Received a phone call from number 501-575-2957 on 7/16/18 at 8:34 am. left a message to call a Ms. Roberts. The message was: Marilyn (my name is Marland) not sure you are aware of what's going on. Please give me a call back soon as possible 844-832-5960, Ms. Roberts. We called both numbers back, got no answere from them.
Comment by CJ on 2026553623
Monday, 07.16.2018 @ 20:18pm
left a message and said I owed back taxes and they were a warrant out for my arrest if I didn't call back

Comment by Hoe on 4154627728
Monday, 07.16.2018 @ 19:17pm
Very rude and should be put out of business. Vulgar and demented manner. I recommend that a stable certification from the authorities be issued after evaluation is in order.
Comment by Chris. on 7147911667
Monday, 07.16.2018 @ 19:03pm
Received automated call on my cell phone claiming to be from IRS and that a warrant for my arrest had been issued for not paying taxes. This is a new cell number for me so...
Comment by sheliz on 9162738737
Monday, 07.16.2018 @ 18:50pm
SCAM Computer voice claiming to be from FBI
Comment by Eddie on 2092995183
Monday, 07.16.2018 @ 17:42pm
Spam unsafe caller
Comment by yvonne on 08448153740
Monday, 07.16.2018 @ 15:42pm
08448153740 is Stoves. Very annoying they only have a premium rate number to phone when contact will be about a faulty product!
Comment by jack on 9124529061
Monday, 07.16.2018 @ 15:32pm
somebody saying they have hair in their mouth
Comment by anon on 5109633183
Monday, 07.16.2018 @ 15:20pm
Identified themselves as "GSI", calling on a recorded line. Don't know what they wanted.
Comment by Patty B. on 4194810989
Monday, 07.16.2018 @ 15:12pm
Political calls 8 or 9 times a day!
Comment by Rob of NY on 5163369294
Monday, 07.16.2018 @ 13:37pm
Supposedly money for my busines (never asked for).
Inquired if I received an unrequested check (never did and would have shredded if I did).
These scammy calls have become a dime a dozen.
Two within 15 minutes.
Comment by tyutyu on 002038075824
Monday, 07.16.2018 @ 12:23pm
002038075824 - automated message pretending to be from HM Revenue and Customs, it's an Egypt number they ask you to call back and get scammed by paying them money.
Comment by Oliver stieber on 02034882116
Monday, 07.16.2018 @ 11:54am
Just seen this number on a meme
Comment by M on 3852170445
Monday, 07.16.2018 @ 11:46am
Called this number back after a human voice said she was looking for my husband, but wouldn't leave a message. The number belongs to a telemarker who claims to be a fundraiser for the Kids Wish Network. I haven't researched them on the internet yet, but it sounds like a scam to me, trying to look like the Children Miracle Network.
Comment by marty on 8176029137
Monday, 07.16.2018 @ 11:44am
Didnt answer....but left no message
Comment by Seth on 9514470061
Monday, 07.16.2018 @ 11:03am
I keep getting calls from this number also.
Comment by Mand on 01183287139
Monday, 07.16.2018 @ 10:38am
automated voicemail from a Sarah Wilson allegedly from HMRC - quite a threatening message - the issue at hand is extremely time sensitive. "Do not disregard this message - if we do not hear from you or your solicitor then get ready to face the legal consequence"

This is obviously a scam, but is quite frightening in the tone used.
Comment by Becky on 5752680476
Monday, 07.16.2018 @ 10:22am
I just received a call from 575-268-0476 and they stated they were the IRS and were filing a law suit against me.
Comment by Quick Brown Fox on 8056691603
Monday, 07.16.2018 @ 09:49am
Another unwanted call from this Ojai VOIP number was received (less than 2 months since the last time) in violation of the Do Not Call law. Once again, when the answering machine picked up, there was dead silence -- a strong sign of robocallers (unlawful telemarketers) who shamelessly prey on the public.

This predator has been flagged as one of many tech support scammers, pretending to be Microsoft. Avoid this shyster!
Comment by Paul on 4102376962
Monday, 07.16.2018 @ 09:19am
This number keeps calling, leaves no message and they act as if no one is there if called back. Very anoying.
Comment by Al on 7147911667
Monday, 07.16.2018 @ 09:08am
Received call at my office claiming to be from IRS saying I had not submit my income tax. Also claiming that a warrant for my arrest had been issued. it asked to call 714-791-1667 to resolve issue
Comment by Anne on 353863830381
Monday, 07.16.2018 @ 08:56am
Several calls over the past fortnight. July 2018
Comment by Pat on 01626832189
Monday, 07.16.2018 @ 08:48am
Had a call from this number today says my router has been compromised.
Comment by Susan on 0012494939852
Monday, 07.16.2018 @ 08:31am
Asked if I was my partner. Hung up when I said no, seems like a scam
Comment by Sam on 242801110570
Monday, 07.16.2018 @ 06:58am
It came up as from Congo
Comment by Ian on 01932918098
Monday, 07.16.2018 @ 06:36am
Apparently this is said to be the PCN admin Centre for INDIGO PARKING - however the lady I spoke to couldn't get off the phone quick enough when challenged!!

Don't Trust!!
Comment by Cat on 03300271756
Monday, 07.16.2018 @ 05:44am
I called and an Italian said one word and put the phone down??
Comment by GUest on 028255648563
Monday, 07.16.2018 @ 05:31am
(Asian) David calling from 'the technical department of the world wide web' and asked for me by name. Obviously a scam.


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