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Comment by Josefina on 2162787927
Sunday, 01.19.2020 @ 16:53pm
Tried to steal my credit card.
Comment by Obedient on 3013910824
Saturday, 01.18.2020 @ 19:38pm
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Comment by felice on 6692366359
Saturday, 01.18.2020 @ 18:39pm
Texts day and night, claiming to be Netflix.
Comment by Khloe on 8326960335
Saturday, 01.18.2020 @ 11:08am
trash..smelled horrible
Comment by annoyed on 8664599358
Friday, 01.17.2020 @ 18:11pm


The number that called me and left a message is a phishing scam pretending they are interested in lower payments regarding student loans. The thing is, I don't have one.

Sorry, Justin, your not getting my info!
Comment by Fred on 09013591006
Friday, 01.17.2020 @ 15:47pm
Dont call that number, was charged £9 for 3 minute call that dont remember making & dont know who it is, just dont call to try & find out or you"ll pay a lot?
Comment by Nick on 01133609874
Friday, 01.17.2020 @ 04:26am
Twice a day at 0845 and 2045. No response and silent voicemail. "Number not in service" when called back.
Comment by Lisa on 8554060208
Thursday, 01.16.2020 @ 16:45pm
They said that they were trying to collect a debt from Vivint, I paid off Vivint years age , They have been threatening to take me to court for years now. Very Rude. I believe they are a Phishing Scam. Beware!!
Comment by DP on 5713471977
Thursday, 01.16.2020 @ 16:08pm
Lots of spam calls today, including this one...
Comment by Tom on 6194039970
Thursday, 01.16.2020 @ 12:35pm
This number 619-403-9970 is still calling as of 01/15/2020 but not leaving a message. Hmmm. Probably a spamming sales company.... hmmm.
Comment by Monica on 9544496632
Thursday, 01.16.2020 @ 09:52am
NO Message left on my voice mail.
Comment by Franz on 02032900836
Thursday, 01.16.2020 @ 05:38am
'Gentleman' with Indian accent called and told me I was being hacked and I should go to my computer and he would then tell what to do to prevent any further intrusions. Be aware of the Indian scammers!!
Comment by Dave on 7033497916
Wednesday, 01.15.2020 @ 13:27pm
Called me this morning. I didn't answer and it went to voice mail.
Comment by Sue m on 9148272348
Wednesday, 01.15.2020 @ 12:40pm
Got calls from this number several times, no message left.
Comment by Sarah on 08000855349
Wednesday, 01.15.2020 @ 07:57am
The caller was called Mohamed and he said he was from the AA motor assistance he insisted we wanted a car recovered and our surname was Mallet. I have emailed the AA to ask them if this is one of their numbers.
Comment by Ann on 006562249100
Tuesday, 01.14.2020 @ 12:45pm
Just pathetic idiots, but still unnerving. I pick up the phone, they either stay silent or gabble in a foreign language and laugh.
Comment by Amy on 9365819440
Tuesday, 01.14.2020 @ 12:03pm
Got random text asking if I send "that change to that info that my brother gave you he said that you never replied". I can't think who this would be and no idea why they are contacting me without more context. I strongly suspect a scam, as I've gotten no info from anyone's brother, etc. Plus the way it's a run-on sentence does not bode well...
Comment by dave on 2056248347
Tuesday, 01.14.2020 @ 11:34am
Left a voice message stating he was from PCH (publisher clearing house)and he was trying to follow up from two weeks ago. NOTE I have never had contact with PCH before. Voice on message was male with very slow conversation as though he was reading and English may not be his native language.
Comment by you_want_follows on 3045078480
Tuesday, 01.14.2020 @ 11:21am
i think this just keeps calling you block it i advise
Comment by Dave on 3045078480
Tuesday, 01.14.2020 @ 09:20am
I said hellp, got silence, it hung up after ten seconds.
Comment by Jess on 07759875021
Monday, 01.13.2020 @ 16:23pm
My girlfriend
Comment by Connie on 3233474059
Monday, 01.13.2020 @ 14:00pm
Scammer. Pretends to be on an oil rig and a geologist and wants you to send him money. Says he loves you and calls you honey.
Comment by Linda on 3054140333
Monday, 01.13.2020 @ 13:58pm
Scammer....pretends to be out of the country and wants you to send him money.
Comment by Ginger on 8559960015
Monday, 01.13.2020 @ 13:33pm
Said I was due a refund as the company was going out of business. However, they didn't mention the name of the business; just a phone number. I'm sure this is a scam. I've blocked this number on my phone.
Comment by RICHARD on 8664599358
Monday, 01.13.2020 @ 12:29pm
They say they are the Federal Student Loan Forgiveness Center associated with the Department of Education. This program was instigated by Obama. I was 'qualified' because I have over $10,000 in student loans. Needless to say I do not have a student loan and never had one. The young lady I spoke with said she was in California, and they have call centers throughout the country. On a subsequent call, the young man said he was in San Clemente, CA. By the way, I called the phone number that I received the call from, 518-425-8028, which is a land line located in Brainardsville, NY serviced by Airus, Inc in Chateaugay, NY.
Comment by Claudio on 3125790818
Monday, 01.13.2020 @ 10:28am
Guy said he was from a trading company. Probably a stock market "brokerage house" but more likely a boiler room.
Comment by Jim on 7344462719
Monday, 01.13.2020 @ 10:01am
Avoid. Called about job in response to on line resume. Not specific about who they are. Wanted birthday & last 4 of S/S. Said they would email job specifics, but nothing sent. No reply after multiple phone requests.
Comment by Pete on 07795273377
Monday, 01.13.2020 @ 05:08am
This number called me said they were from Yell the directory, strange yell calling on a mobile number
Comment by tracey smith on 07939577668
Sunday, 01.12.2020 @ 14:55pm
had couple calls from this number tried call back ,no answer, won't answer strange anyone else had this number call them. blocked in the end
Comment by Chris on 08456003181
Sunday, 01.12.2020 @ 12:24pm
This number has suddenly appeared on my PlusNet phone bill alleging I have called them 8 times in October and once each in November and December, which I have not done. Who are these people who can somehow record a false phone call on my account, even when I have not even connected to the line. - caller: 0845 600 3181 - name unknown
Comment by Not being scammed on 09131240701
Saturday, 01.11.2020 @ 07:59am
he number they called me on was 01227145361 according to 1471 but it wasn't recognised. A man called Peter gave me a reference number and said they had posted documents on 22nd December (if they had we would have recycled the information) and told me they were a company helping people recover over charged bank charges. He gave me a this phone number 09131240701 to which I enquired how much would it cost me to ring, he didn't reply and I said I knew this was a premium rate call charge and I didn't ring premium rate numbers. So I said as politely as possible I was not interested and thanked him for his time. He knew my name and postcode from where I don't know.
Comment by Me too on 7703686188
Friday, 01.10.2020 @ 21:05pm
Postcard mailer to call this number to get a $50 walmart shopping card. Smells fishy.
Comment by Dave on 8887889483
Friday, 01.10.2020 @ 16:26pm
Called, I did not answer. They did not leave a message
Comment by Paul Davis on 01245673558
Friday, 01.10.2020 @ 06:25am
Lady called, checked my name then hung up.
Comment by Michelle on 01869321800
Friday, 01.10.2020 @ 05:59am
This is the main switchboard number for IRSMarketing, a professional and friendly B2B sales pipeline generation agency for the global tech industry. The company is based in Bicester, Oxfordshire, and enables its esteemed clients to increase sales and build customer-base.
Comment by Mark on 01133503520
Thursday, 01.9.2020 @ 16:25pm
This is reportedly an agency within Leeds and Liverpool no follow up emails
Comment by m. on 6042960212
Thursday, 01.9.2020 @ 15:45pm
keep getting rung by this number. Texted them, no reply
Comment by Karen on 4083009070
Thursday, 01.9.2020 @ 14:07pm
SCAM! They knew my name, but immediately hung up when I said "yes". Call back gets you a recorded message that says "Changin the url of this call. Please let us know if we can help you during your development"
Comment by Kricket on 4072161783
Thursday, 01.9.2020 @ 14:02pm
robotized message that my credit card was used and if call them for $99. to stop the use of this is boggus because i do not use credit cards and especially on the internet.
Comment by Eric on 2123769219
Thursday, 01.9.2020 @ 13:55pm
Got a call from this number. The caller ID showed JUN CABRERA GAL. I answered the call but got no reply, and I then hung up.
Comment by courtney on 02087689200
Thursday, 01.9.2020 @ 09:13am
Answered but got no response
Comment by gudgguds on 2513820616
Wednesday, 01.8.2020 @ 09:29am
Car Warranty Scam
Comment by Salome on 6561221139188
Wednesday, 01.8.2020 @ 07:20am
I am locate in Sapin. Received a call, no message left.
Cannot call back
Comment by enna on 0392326194
Tuesday, 01.7.2020 @ 22:32pm
thanks for info
Comment by Anitonio on 0392326194
Tuesday, 01.7.2020 @ 20:59pm
Brainless and from tanjung rambutan malay guy, kurang ajar mia
Comment by hg on 8663312317
Tuesday, 01.7.2020 @ 17:58pm
Receive these calls about 3+ times per day - No messages left and I will not answer them. Will be very happy when the new law re: "NO ROBO CALLS" begins.
Comment by Arthur on 9019790522
Tuesday, 01.7.2020 @ 17:51pm
Have received a call once a day for the last three days. No message left on my machine.
Comment by ken on 6824079576
Tuesday, 01.7.2020 @ 17:31pm
scammer just block
Comment by Paul on 01740621778
Tuesday, 01.7.2020 @ 15:13pm
No message left. Probably a scam/nuisance call.
Comment by Eileen on 9173980762
Tuesday, 01.7.2020 @ 11:26am
A male called me from this number telling me wanting me to invest in Gold with him and trying to convince me he had sent me out package of investment before and requesting my e-mail so he could send me information, I told him to send me the package to the address he sent the package before and I will take a look at it and he hung up on me.

January 7, 2020 @ 11:15


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