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Comment by Cyssie on 3103610482
Thursday, 02.21.2019 @ 21:48pm
they call everyday, I've blocked the number, but it goes to my voicemail, they are talking about a lawsuit and taking wages, not sure why they would be calling or even who they are
Comment by JA on 3103610482
Thursday, 02.21.2019 @ 20:17pm
Has called numerous times, twice this evening talking about coming to my work and talking about my bank accounts, apparently looking for a member of my family I have not seen since 1988, have repeatedly asked them to stop calling and tonight I called them back and again told them to stop calling the person there got angry and told me I would have to live with it. I have contacted an attorney and am going to pursue for damages.
Sounds like a scam.
Comment by Aber on 4033469922
Thursday, 02.21.2019 @ 19:23pm
Apparently calls are made to look like a local number. If you answer your number is noted and sold because they have determined you will answer your phone. I have received abundant similar calls from smaller towns in the 403 region. Scam coming?
Comment by John on 8002459752
Thursday, 02.21.2019 @ 17:59pm
It an attempt to get your social security number says u have been using it faulty give them nothing will hang up if u question them fake.
Comment by Bob on 6313390562
Thursday, 02.21.2019 @ 16:15pm
SSN scam call. Returned call and got a beep. Probably an answering machine. DO NOT LEAVE ANY PERSONAL INFO!!! I will report to the feds if I get called back. SSN scams are a federal offense.
Comment by sharon on 8454709184
Thursday, 02.21.2019 @ 15:29pm
I received the following message in my Email. I waited the 24 hours and when nothing happened I knew it was a scam. I have also received phone calls.

Recently, we have detected some unusual activities on your account and as a result, your account will be suspended within 24 hours of receipt of this email.
Please ignore this email if no longer wish to use this account. Please note you will lose all of your contacts, emails and attachments once the account is suspended.


Account Support Team


Comment by Obediant Christian Believer on 5098720110
Thursday, 02.21.2019 @ 14:24pm
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Comment by zig on 4033469922
Thursday, 02.21.2019 @ 13:57pm
repeat calls from this number without answering any!
When googled the number 'appears' to belongs to belong to a local resident. There are a number of these calls:
"appearing to be from a legitimate number" - but they are highly suspicious!
Comment by Dirk Cedergren on 8775141893
Thursday, 02.21.2019 @ 13:07pm
I typically answer, but do not say hello. This time I said hello and go put to a switchboard operator. I hung up.
Comment by Lalo on 7028202010
Thursday, 02.21.2019 @ 12:26pm
Again and again and again we receive calls from this number. Will be reporting it (and "them") to our state attorney general's office, not Nevada. Nevada Attorney General's office always comes out on the side of commercial entities, NOT the residents/citizens who are being harassed by the ripoff and scam artists.
Comment by James on 2017107276
Thursday, 02.21.2019 @ 12:04pm
Did not answer no message left wil block if I can
Comment by Anony on 01603217466
Thursday, 02.21.2019 @ 12:02pm
Silent call. I called them back. Recorded message saying all calls recorded for training & quality purposes and advisor would answer shortly but did not say who they were!!!! I was then referred to the 'My Orders' on their web site, again without saying who they were or what their website address was!!! Obviously a scam as I have not made any orders with anyone recently.
Comment by EMW on 8459990724
Thursday, 02.21.2019 @ 10:40am
I just got this phone call from 845-999-0724. Caller ID showed New City, NY - They asked for me, first name only. When I asked who it was, I said, " Who's calling?". They put on a very creepy voice and just said "your life." and hung up.

The intention I believe was to scare me, however, I am not scared. Just pissed off that I need to spend the time to report this number.

You can help by posting this all over so others don't bother answering them.
Comment by Fed Up on 5612252050
Thursday, 02.21.2019 @ 10:26am
I don't even pick up anymore. This number's burned into my memory lol.
Comment by Lin on 01140178107
Thursday, 02.21.2019 @ 10:09am
Missed the call so tried to call back but the number isn't available. Leads me to believe it is one of those calls for an accident or some other made up crap!
Comment by osi on 1514658462
Thursday, 02.21.2019 @ 09:56am
What do they gain by just calling our number?
Comment by Robin on 4053493446
Thursday, 02.21.2019 @ 09:47am
Someone called from this number and when it went to voicemail all I heard was someone breathing in the phone.
Comment by vodafone on 01916712775
Thursday, 02.21.2019 @ 09:41am
it's vodafone.
Comment by Kevin on 02070846735
Thursday, 02.21.2019 @ 08:28am
Just received a call from this number saying that our kitchen appliance breakdown policy was about to expire (we don’t have a kitchen appliance policy) and there was a special offer to include extra appliances at a reduced rate. They refused to send the info via post but they wanted to update their records before they sent information in the post.
I refused to pass on any information by the phone. Clearly a scam and beware.
Comment by Marie on 01784279917
Thursday, 02.21.2019 @ 07:59am
This number has rung me twice today. And twice yesterday. I’m fed up with these nuisance calls.
Comment by cheryl on 01915805109
Thursday, 02.21.2019 @ 06:54am
keeps calling no message left
Comment by Mr safety on 2096778323
Wednesday, 02.20.2019 @ 22:23pm
This is a fraud activity. They hide by not leaving a message and do not answer when you return their call. They are "a fundraiser" for themselves. Do not answer, and do not provide any information should you talk to them. SCAMMERS!
Comment by Susie on 8133082976
Wednesday, 02.20.2019 @ 21:42pm
Left three messages saying they were calling from Social Security. I do not plan to return the calls. SS sends letter, does not call.
Comment by Dedra on 4435834835
Wednesday, 02.20.2019 @ 18:02pm
I received a call from this number. The man said that he was an officer Steven White calling from IRS This is a hotline to to his division.
Comment by David on 6029033942
Wednesday, 02.20.2019 @ 17:18pm
Received an auto-robe call that there had been fraudulent use of my son and i needed to call a different number and quote a case file to avoid pending prosecution. I wasn't able to capture the call back number, however I did call back the 602-903-3942 and got no answer.
Comment by Jane on 3096214294
Wednesday, 02.20.2019 @ 15:39pm
For the past, probably, 2 weeks; I have been getting calls from this number every day. Usually in the mornings around 9am...then since I never answer they call back around 9:30am!!! Then sometimes in the afternoon they call and I also get calls from this number at night...8 - 9p!! I never answer. I am sick of these calls. How do you stop them???
Comment by Sgt. Pepper on 7322842081
Wednesday, 02.20.2019 @ 14:57pm
732-284-2081 India Pill Pushers/Insurance Scam.
same message from different number 732-284 -2041.
For sure a scam to get you to buy insurance so they can access your bank account.
Comment by Suqma Diq on 7196315170
Wednesday, 02.20.2019 @ 14:55pm
IRS Scam. Alleged that there are 4 serious crimes pressed against my name. I must call them and they will take care of the problems for me before the 'cops' get me.
Comment by Asil on 7322842081
Wednesday, 02.20.2019 @ 14:32pm
I have been getting calls from one iteration or another of this phone number. Each time I block the number, and then I get another call later from another number that is different by one digit. I decided to answer the call twice a couple of days ago and both times I got a recorded message about health insurance BUT both times the message was different - different voice, slightly different verbiage. So on the second answer, I opted to "speak with a representative". When I started to tell them I've been getting a buttload of calls from this number and it needs to stop, they hung up on me. I wish the FCC or someone was able to put a stop to this because it's harassment.
Comment by Doc on 4104246817
Wednesday, 02.20.2019 @ 14:09pm
I received a call from this number saying it was an investigator investigating questionable use of my SSN. I am not returning the call seems like a scam to me!
Comment by William on 6029033942
Wednesday, 02.20.2019 @ 13:36pm
Message from this number says the call is related to the fraudulent use of my social security number and I should call back to avoid pending prosecution. Yeah right.
Comment by North Carolina on 8454709184
Wednesday, 02.20.2019 @ 12:53pm
I received an email saying my email had account had suspicious activity and to call this number. I called and after some questions and answers regarding my email he "needed" to check my computer. When I asked if he needed to remote access my computer I said "No I won't remote..." and immediately he had hung up. This is a another scam to gain access to someones computer.
Comment by Maria on 9736199467
Wednesday, 02.20.2019 @ 12:48pm
Caller left a message:

This call is from the Department of Social Security Administration, the reason you have received this phone call is to inform you that we just suspend your Social Security number because we found some suspicious activity, so if you want to know about this case just press one.
Comment by _ on 8442675321
Wednesday, 02.20.2019 @ 12:47pm
Comment by PJ Capri on 9207646147
Wednesday, 02.20.2019 @ 12:23pm
Calls several Times/day. Never leaves message. I never answer unidentified junk calls.
Comment by Anonymous-User on 01613751805
Wednesday, 02.20.2019 @ 12:04pm
Multiple missed calls received from 01613751805 on my mobile number, no voice message or text left. Registered mobile number with TPS ( and raised nuisance complaint to ICO (
Comment by Graham on 02030191443
Wednesday, 02.20.2019 @ 11:59am
This number called my elderly neighbour and the male caller with a broken English accent stated he was going to be calling in on her shortly which greatly upset the elderly lady as obviously she did not recognise the callers voice or his telephone number. No further information given by the caller. A most annoying call and it scared the receiver
Comment by AnonymousUser on 01133203202
Wednesday, 02.20.2019 @ 11:31am
Missed calls with no voicemail to mobile number. Unknown cold caller, supposedly company called Home Comforts or Clifford Comfort Lifestyle ( but cannot seem to be found online. Registered mobile on TPS and will report to ICO and OFCOM if it continues.

Comment by PEDRO on 01415308233
Wednesday, 02.20.2019 @ 09:38am
Comment by Christine Schreier on 8134438034
Wednesday, 02.20.2019 @ 09:13am
Got robocall that started by saying "this is Mease Countryside Hospital". I hung up. The area code was 813 on my caller ID and the hospital is in area code 727. I would assume this would be fraud trying to get money somehow. This is a local hospital.
Comment by eamon on 01223976373
Wednesday, 02.20.2019 @ 08:23am
they will be waiting a very long time for me to call back
Comment by Rivergate Consultants Ltd on 07971206059
Wednesday, 02.20.2019 @ 07:26am
The number is Rivergate Consultants Ltd - Chartered Structural Engineers.
Comment by Anne on 0061296714569
Wednesday, 02.20.2019 @ 05:38am
He said it was about my internet. I said it was a scam and hung up.
Comment by Robert on 01415066890
Wednesday, 02.20.2019 @ 05:26am
called this morning on my land line to say that i had been involved in accident which i have not - i was pretty uncomplimentary to them and used the word SCAM dialed 1471 and the number is not recognized
Comment by Ellen on 5402741270
Tuesday, 02.19.2019 @ 19:05pm
Background chatter. No message. Originated from Pulaski, Virginia
Comment by Erik on 4324980430
Tuesday, 02.19.2019 @ 18:11pm
Sales call from Sewell car dealership in Midland area.
Comment by Mary Ann on 6314468590
Tuesday, 02.19.2019 @ 17:57pm
I get a call every night between 5 and 5:30....I'm tired of the calls and I'm on a do not call list......
Comment by Z Watson on 8638740723
Tuesday, 02.19.2019 @ 15:35pm
Robo call claiming to be Social Security Admin. They were going to disable my card due to illegal activity in Texas.
Comment by Kevin McGrath on 8638740723
Tuesday, 02.19.2019 @ 14:48pm
Robo call claiming to be Social Security Admin
Comment by Al on 101028817709889664
Tuesday, 02.19.2019 @ 14:30pm
I called & got a recording saying my phone #. Then another recording with a lot of 0's and then ended with a 1. If it ends with a1 or 2, claims your phone is NOT tapped.


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