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Comment by abc123 on 4053534209
Thursday, 04.18.2019 @ 16:03pm
Left this message: "Hi this is Susan, your patient advocate working closely with Medicare. This is an urgent message for all patients on Medicare. We have tried numerous times to contact you through the mail and now by telephone regarding your eligibility for a new cancer test to help detect the early signs of cancer. This is your final notice. If you do not act soon Medicare may label you ineligible for coverage. Press 1 now to speak with me or one of our testing specialist, or press 9 to be put on the Do Not Call list."

Susan has the same voice and script as "Nancy" who, 9 days ago, was trying to get me a back brace, calling from 405-353-4113.

Both numbers appear to be spoofed.
Comment by Micky on 7022723869
Thursday, 04.18.2019 @ 15:36pm
avoid this caller
Comment by eddie on 6502805455
Thursday, 04.18.2019 @ 15:30pm
called 3 times in a row and left no message I think I should block the number
Comment by Fran : coumedin user on 4123150974
Thursday, 04.18.2019 @ 14:20pm
This is a robot call from Acellios Conected Health. (Formaly know as Alere home monitoring ) A supplier of various home health equipment . I take coumadin, & home test/monitor my levels & report ptinr data to them. Acellus assist my Coumadin Clinic in gathering and recording these results to my Hospital and my doctor cardiologist.
Comment by Kim on 4054673464
Thursday, 04.18.2019 @ 14:09pm
This is an Oklahoma number. Never leaves a message.
Comment by Dominic Gouin on 4388837131
Thursday, 04.18.2019 @ 13:45pm
He’s work guylaine martel and is a escort in the night
Comment by comment on 8592785377
Thursday, 04.18.2019 @ 13:21pm one on the other end
Comment by craig on 6013479362
Thursday, 04.18.2019 @ 12:12pm
avoid and block
Comment by Joe on 01510706595
Thursday, 04.18.2019 @ 12:07pm
Called about an accident at work I was never in, hung up.
Comment by Bridget on 02039368364
Thursday, 04.18.2019 @ 11:32am
Called 1620 today. Asked for my husband by name. When I said he is not here they hung up

Comment by mike on 02080899147
Thursday, 04.18.2019 @ 11:30am
Belongs to another investment scam company called enterprise uk, so he claimed. Just another group of maggots feeding off us.
Comment by TD on 03000522863
Thursday, 04.18.2019 @ 09:56am
This is HMRC VAT office
Comment by John Menday on 01618186932
Thursday, 04.18.2019 @ 09:35am
Had calls from this number before ...I do not comment or reply ..just hang up .
Indian sounding voice.
Comment by Bb on 8325477287
Thursday, 04.18.2019 @ 09:31am
Cell phone from Verizon. Robert Fern. It's ok
Comment by jon on 7137327941
Thursday, 04.18.2019 @ 07:11am
scammer just block
Comment by scott on 9186910969
Thursday, 04.18.2019 @ 05:29am
stay clear
Comment by john on 4389685921
Wednesday, 04.17.2019 @ 22:00pm
claimed to be from google, wanted me to enter/verify my business with google on-line. he might have been wanting to remote my computer, not sure, did not go to computer or follow his instructions.
Comment by Bart on 8662445207
Wednesday, 04.17.2019 @ 21:09pm
Calls multiple times daily usually between 10AM and 11AM.
Comment by Cindy on 5404100679
Wednesday, 04.17.2019 @ 19:52pm
Called my house asking for my daughters name who has never been associated with my number I told them there was no Person with that namewith this number and the person kept speaking over meand then I hung up it was hard to tell whether it was a Robo call or a person but they continue to talk over me so it was probably a Robo call
Comment by Ameri on 5074176393
Wednesday, 04.17.2019 @ 19:23pm
Fake IRS scammers.
Comment by Leroy II on 4108440176
Wednesday, 04.17.2019 @ 19:03pm
Machine recorded message claiming to have info about issue with SSN
Comment by m on 9162587004
Wednesday, 04.17.2019 @ 18:27pm
Social security card fraud
Comment by martha on 6143845583
Wednesday, 04.17.2019 @ 17:47pm
wish they stop calling everyday same old thing, it's a personal call. never tell me what it's for.
Comment by Margmbrady on 07752028389
Wednesday, 04.17.2019 @ 17:07pm
I got a text from this number stating "your PayPal has been frozen because we unable to validate your account information. Please login to verify your account etc.,
Comment by S on 9162587004
Wednesday, 04.17.2019 @ 16:17pm
Called multiple times and left message saying not to disregard message or will start legal proceedings against you
Comment by jammie on 4807713191
Wednesday, 04.17.2019 @ 15:48pm
wants to buy house cash, in present condition.
Comment by Mary on 4299114636
Wednesday, 04.17.2019 @ 15:44pm
Left a recorded message stating "press 2" and hang up.
Comment by puneett on 4242544678
Wednesday, 04.17.2019 @ 15:05pm
time waster just block
Comment by Jack Smith on 89885
Wednesday, 04.17.2019 @ 14:51pm
They texted me about some ‘Vagaro’ spa appointment. I looked that up and it is a sauna place with spas and saunas.
Comment by Addy on 2248364573
Wednesday, 04.17.2019 @ 14:33pm
Called and left a message about having to call back bout social security administration and that if you ignore legal action will proceed at your expense
Comment by Mongo on 8884807784
Wednesday, 04.17.2019 @ 14:18pm
Robo call saying I paid for technical support and my money is being refunded as the company is closing, and to call them. However, I did not pay for any tech support. Suspicious, and I wonder if they'd ask you for a cc number to refund your money...:)
Comment by robin on 8448543067
Wednesday, 04.17.2019 @ 13:22pm
Message was to call this number but when calling message states this number cannot receive. How can they scam me if they will not pick up.
Comment by on 8853967997
Wednesday, 04.17.2019 @ 13:21pm
Comment by Lee S. on 4846453743
Wednesday, 04.17.2019 @ 13:18pm
Health Insurance robot.
Comment by david junto on 4703100169
Wednesday, 04.17.2019 @ 13:13pm
called restaurant about 1:00 pm and asked to talk to owner. Caller had a middle eastern accent. Owner was not present. Asked for owners personal number. I asked what it was about. He said he wanted to put in an order for 80 people. I told him I could take the order. He said he would call back and hung up.
Comment by Nancy on 2038646839
Wednesday, 04.17.2019 @ 12:46pm
I received calls from this number. I called tham back. They said they work for the social security adminstartion. They said there was an issue with my social security number. I asked how they knew. They hung up on me. SCAMMMMMMM!
Comment by Tim on 2013898841
Wednesday, 04.17.2019 @ 12:27pm
Received text message saying my Chase card was restricted due to fraudulent use. The text message is fraudulent attempt to gain information. Do not call this number.
Comment by Katrina on 6194685108
Wednesday, 04.17.2019 @ 11:42am
As I answered I asked them not to call me as and to be removed from the list. The caller than called my company back and proceeded to yell at me. Threatening with legal issues etc. Wen i said welp talk she than said Iw ill just show up at your company and hung up. I wish she would just show up.
Comment by Robert Grant on 9044101453
Wednesday, 04.17.2019 @ 11:33am
Called but missed & left no message.
Comment by C on 4845191502
Wednesday, 04.17.2019 @ 11:33am
Caller asked if I was at ___________ address. This happens to be my work address. She then said she was looking for _______________. This was my name. So I said, "This is ______________>." She hung up immediately.
Comment by Lee S. on 6106380843
Wednesday, 04.17.2019 @ 10:53am
Health Insurance sales.
Comment by Dave on 01202878444
Wednesday, 04.17.2019 @ 10:45am
thay never say anything
Comment by james on 3866030045
Wednesday, 04.17.2019 @ 10:36am
Called my cell - no response when I answered...
Comment by Lee S. on 6106219115
Wednesday, 04.17.2019 @ 10:27am
Health insurance robot.
Comment by Cubert W. Masters on 8636194970
Wednesday, 04.17.2019 @ 09:42am
I need the mailing address to 863-619-4970. If no answer, please leave the message. Thank you.
Comment by scammer on 8187247801
Wednesday, 04.17.2019 @ 09:41am
Just block this caller
Comment by Larne on 02072057094
Wednesday, 04.17.2019 @ 08:50am
This number calls me once a week. As I don't answer, it retries ten minutes later. On calling the number, I get this automated message:

'Thank you for calling Vodafone. It's OK.
You don't need to do anything but we may try to contact you again.'

I have no services from Vodafone so this must be a SPAM call.
Comment by Patrick on 96967078
Wednesday, 04.17.2019 @ 07:23am
Missed calls and when I return the call the number is unavailable
Comment by Martyn on 01224085040
Wednesday, 04.17.2019 @ 07:15am
Said they were from Worldpay and wanted me to do a survey, then wanted my email to send me antivirus software to put in my pc??? I gave them a complete bogus email. Surely that doesn't sound right.
Comment by Alan on 02034768204
Wednesday, 04.17.2019 @ 04:30am
Unknown caller would not give his name or where he's calling from-organisation etc- telling me I'm about to lose my property, obviously a scam or prank


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