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Comment by Carreras on 6362381050
Friday, 05.29.2020 @ 11:25am
They call saying is a extend warranty company and they have my name and car info (including VIN but I never confirm this). I did not give them anything else. They want me to put some money down first and then send me the information of the insurance (extend warranty). I ask to be send first the information in writing. They put me in hold and I am still waiting for the website or the email (never gave my email either). They put me in hold and hang up. The things is that I have a phone number out of the states and never received this call before. That means they get this information about my name, car and phone from somebody.
Comment by phe on 2512572901
Wednesday, 05.27.2020 @ 17:35pm
persistent telemarketer
Comment by phe on 9414655813
Wednesday, 05.27.2020 @ 17:32pm
persistent telemarketer
Comment by phe on 3522187582
Wednesday, 05.27.2020 @ 13:52pm
persistent telemarketer
Comment by phe on 9414659099
Wednesday, 05.27.2020 @ 11:41am
persistent telemarketer
Comment by Financially Handicapped on 6144073626
Tuesday, 05.26.2020 @ 11:20am
SCAM Suspicion! 614 407 Area-Code Exchange; I have no problem calling anything from this Area-Code/Exchange SCAM, although I cannot verify it, as such, Today! Been researching numbers from this Area-Code/Exchange in excess of 3 years now. IF they're Legit then why do they use different numbers every time they call??? Out of 17 calls from this Area-Code Exchange, this year, 6 of them identify as "Pharmacy Services", which is what my CID: identified Today. Other names used are "Medical Services", & "Home Care Services"! It is impossible to Block them since they use different numbers all the time. They rarely leave a message. This is a ROBO Caller from a "Private Registered User"! I've seen comments elsewhere rate this call as Neutral; I hope they didn't give these people any Personal Information or Money. Use Extreme Caution if dealing with this Caller!!!
Comment by Amy on 900070004566
Monday, 05.25.2020 @ 00:06am
Comment by PHE on 9417777999
Friday, 05.22.2020 @ 12:17pm
Persistent telemarketer
Comment by PHE on 9412268292
Friday, 05.22.2020 @ 10:52am
Persistent telemarketer
Comment by PE on 9414656218
Thursday, 05.21.2020 @ 10:17am
Persistent telemarketer
Comment by Trunk Monkey on 9075197369
Tuesday, 05.19.2020 @ 16:30pm
Its a robo caller
Comment by Frank on 700340128
Thursday, 05.14.2020 @ 06:43am
I also got charged £5.00 for an SMS. Don't know who it is and I'm not happy.
Comment by Penny on 700340128
Thursday, 05.14.2020 @ 06:40am
Don't know who this is and it cost £5.00 on my phone bill. This is not good.
Comment by Davie on 5173062850
Wednesday, 05.13.2020 @ 11:33am
Inundated with calls from this number the last few days. I even blocked it on Verizon and they still come through! They never leave a message.
Comment by stefan on 07860034945
Monday, 05.11.2020 @ 12:19pm
This number 07860034945 sends texts claiming to be from a debt collection agency called OPOS in glasgow,do not know whether they are legitimate,but the company does exist
Comment by John on 08453389806
Monday, 05.11.2020 @ 09:30am
Post Office automated call. Was unreasonably frequent until I got angry enough to answer,only for a machine to say "no one was available to talk to me"
Comment by PE on 9417773802
Wednesday, 05.6.2020 @ 11:09am
Persistent telemarketer
Comment by PE on 9413006838
Wednesday, 05.6.2020 @ 11:07am
Persistent telemarketer
Comment by ken on 2543787555
Tuesday, 05.5.2020 @ 15:34pm
Scammer calling
Comment by Anastasia B. on 9522325916
Tuesday, 05.5.2020 @ 14:25pm
Had an oil change at Morrie's Minnetonka Ford 4 days ago. Oil change was fine, professional, pleasant. Now this company who has no caller-id indication is bugging me apparently about how Morrie's did. Another site says it's from various car dealerships with a survey. Apparently is an auto service survey company. They're blocked because of no caller-id. Bugs me at least 3 or 4 times a day. Very annoying.
Comment by PHE on 8582905693
Tuesday, 05.5.2020 @ 13:39pm
Comment by PHE on 9414653980
Tuesday, 05.5.2020 @ 13:14pm
Persistent telemarketer!
Comment by David on 9013067630
Tuesday, 05.5.2020 @ 11:14am
Do not respond. Just block
Comment by Martha on 8122925959
Tuesday, 05.5.2020 @ 09:10am
Calls and never says anything, just hang up
Comment by John on 07441399400
Monday, 05.4.2020 @ 06:45am
Called today claiming to be from a company who had a cheque for me relating to a recent car insurance claim. they refused to give me their details; the other drivers details or his insurance company and eventually hung up when they realised that their scam was being called out. And they objected to being called scammers.
Comment by Linda on 01915436704
Friday, 05.1.2020 @ 06:12am
Rings every day It is a nuisance
Comment by SS on 6023297004
Wednesday, 04.29.2020 @ 14:18pm
Beware - cash offer to buy your home (at a significant discount for them)
Comment by Rene on 6239004420
Wednesday, 04.29.2020 @ 12:20pm
Called at 7:15 am. Cant be local even though 623 is an Arizona area code. No message.
Comment by Rebecca on 3306178842
Tuesday, 04.28.2020 @ 16:36pm
They hang up when I answer.
Comment by David R on 00089465333
Tuesday, 04.28.2020 @ 07:58am
This number could be from or something like that.

premium charge back line £4.50 twice a month...... difficult to stop.

Comment by MarĂ­a on 615885479
Tuesday, 04.28.2020 @ 05:06am
Who calls me?
Comment by Damo on 07958537878
Monday, 04.27.2020 @ 12:21pm
I am the owner of this number; my number was cloned by scammers using my number to shield them. I received several calls from people I didn't even know, from various parts the UK saying that they had received calls from me, which I didn't make.
Comment by Mart on 02036840237
Monday, 04.27.2020 @ 05:59am
Got a charge of 4 pounds. Says duration 22 mins. Unaware of how i managed to get a charge.
Comment by Jan on 5174491110
Sunday, 04.26.2020 @ 22:45pm
Called FaceTime left no message
Comment by Sharon on 08000318345
Saturday, 04.25.2020 @ 11:44am
Automated facebook verification otp .
Comment by gordon on 01914324173
Saturday, 04.25.2020 @ 10:12am
what is the name of this caller
Comment by Charlie on 01706926042
Thursday, 04.23.2020 @ 06:05am
Automated message; your internet will be disconnected in 4 hours due to a faulty router, please press one to connect to your isp
It is a new router, they didn't mention who my isp is, and my isp hasn't contacted me. Assuming this is a scam.
Comment by Martina on 7863004357
Wednesday, 04.22.2020 @ 18:37pm
Just got a call from this number, not in my contacts, cannot find any listing for it online, so I rejected the call and blocked the number.
Comment by Leilani on 8775147878
Wednesday, 04.22.2020 @ 16:39pm
I did not get a call but received mail with this phone number to contact.
The mail said I could "reduce" my entire mortgage loan amount (by $68,000.)
thus reducing my monthly payment. ??? Really ???
I have not replied.
Comment by annonymous on 01248471174
Tuesday, 04.21.2020 @ 09:20am
01248 471174 called 14:06 today (21 April 2020), I answered "Hello" but no one say anything for a minute before hanging up. I said I would check 1471 to find out their number but still no answer. I though I heard breathing so it is unlikely to be a "bum dial" or a pet. A bored child looking for kicks or someone with the mentality of a child.
Comment by LindaT on 01413707770
Tuesday, 04.21.2020 @ 08:01am
Recorded message asking if I had been in a Car accident recently. I just hung up.
Comment by X on 8595543383
Monday, 04.20.2020 @ 06:59am
Is it a call from HDFC Bank from makarpura branch baroda
Comment by Rigo on 7863586266
Friday, 04.17.2020 @ 15:28pm
I answered and nothing! Finally as I was hanging up I heard a faint hello
And then silence
Comment by randy on 8053421224
Friday, 04.17.2020 @ 13:24pm
This is likely spam from another database
I like this site as it is a good one
Comment by Messi on 8188539157
Thursday, 04.16.2020 @ 21:48pm
Got a call asking to confirm my name and DOB and wanted to transfer me to talk to someone about my medical coverage. No business name was given, and none on the machine when I called back. Seems kinda scammy.
Comment by Karen on 6165944360
Thursday, 04.16.2020 @ 21:00pm
called no voice mail left did not answer 1st time
Comment by Ri on 3612070134
Thursday, 04.16.2020 @ 16:35pm
Do u
Comment by Linda T on 07493024040
Thursday, 04.16.2020 @ 15:36pm
Some one wanted to clean my oven. Didn't listen to it all. Not appropriate in these Corona Virus days. I wouldn't respond to these cold calls anyway.
Comment by Linda T on 0
Thursday, 04.16.2020 @ 15:33pm
Some one wanted to clean my oven. Didn't listen to it all. Not appropriate in these Corona Virus days.
Comment by paul on 02038077032
Thursday, 04.16.2020 @ 09:40am
tryed to get me spend over £400.00 pounds scam


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